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Author, medium, transition coach, trainer
Linda writes spiritual books about her real-life experiences. These books are derived from a lifetime of communication and guidance she received from her spirit guides, angels, those who have crossed over, and others.



You will learn about your connections in the spirit world. Where you came from, why you came here, and what's next.

Look Inside … you will discover you are not alone.

Where to start …

  1. Books … GUIDED, is my flagship book. It awakens you to the fact that you are never alone and always being guided. Here’s the entire Guided Journal Writing System.
  2. Guidance … Linda’s Weekly Guided Insights – channeled guidance from Linda’s Spirit Guide Angels on navigating the uncertain world you are now living in! Followed up every Tuesday at 6 pm PT on my Facebook page Live! to talk with your Spirit Guides and me about what this week’s insight holds for you.
  3. Coaching … In your Angel Coaching with Linda, your Spirit GuidesAngels and others bring through clarity and wisdom about you, and your current life situation. Throughout your session, I explain how their guidance works, so you can maximize its effectiveness in your life right now. To experience this, join me every Wednesday at 6 pm PT on my Facebook page Live! to see how this works.
  4. Training … Learn to Channel your own Spirit Guides and Angels. To learn how to do this yourself with like-minded people ask to join our private Facebook group, Ask The Universal Channel. Once you own any version of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board – the Official, Printable, or Digital Online version you will be allowed to join this exclusive group and receive free channeled readings and training. 

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