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It was 1954, Linda was 20-months old, hit a dangerous crossroads, ran away from home, discovered who she was and why she was here.

she had help!

GUIDED, by Linda Deir

The moral of Linda’s true story, Guided;

When the odds are against you.

Never Give Up . . . you have help!


I Walk You Out of Fear

When the odds are against you … make this vital connection to your Guides, and live the life you intended.

The change the world needs now – will come from “you,” …  with “their help!



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After a Lifetime of Being "Guided" Linda Helps You Connect!

A Unique and Timely story, Guided is about never giving up, from Award-Winning Bestselling … Life-Change self-help Author, Linda Deir. A story that will inspire you to make the connection to your own guidance, so you can trust yourself to know what to do and when to do it … every time!

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Linda brings electrifying energy and groundbreaking insights to your Podcast, Radio show, TV show, panel, streaming broadcast, event, meeting, book club, study group, classroom, or gathering. The energy speaks through her from her source connected guidance. Insights that remind you who you are, why you are here … and how to live it!

Linda’s Weekly Guided Insights

October 19th, 6:00 pm PT 

“You Are Attracting What You Feel”

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“Hello Linda, Fantastic insights, very helpful Thanks for the information to keep me going.”  – ~ Lindsay

Training with Linda

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“When you have No One to Talk To.”

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“Linda’s support for me in this training was instrumental in me getting through two blocks that I couldn’t fathom how to do on my own.” 
~ Veronica

“Having attended your last two webinars made me start doing my own research into the things I used  to take at face value and never questioned. I am becoming a different person… one I like a lot better.”  – Andre G, Montreal

Linda Live! ... worldwide

Linda Deir is an engaging and intriguing thought leader on the subjects of consciousness, self-discovery, and personal transformation … and, most importantly, how to live it!

Linda Deir is a dynamic speaker, trainer, and transition coach, who brings through spontaneous insights that reawaken your soul’s urge to express itself.

Amazon Author Page … Linda writes spiritual books about her real-life experiences since she was a baby. Starting with her true story, Guided, came the companion journals; My Guided Journey, and My Journal Writing … three books that flow into the other, providing mastery over your life. Linda’s  proprietary “Guided Journal Writing System.” 

Her Live Events and Webinars draw in the readers and listeners of her books from around the world. These inter-connected books awaken your inherent connection to those who look out for you and guide you – your Spirit Guides.

Linda spends zero dollars on advertising and yet, has the #1 Most Popular and Most Highly-Engaged Website for any Spiritual self-help Author/Coach in the World. (Source: Alexa Traffic Rank) 

With Linda, you feel an irresistible connection … where you must be who you are.  

Her Live Events are transformative, educational, energizing, healing, entertaining, safe, fun, and non-denominational.

Her Webinars are channeled guidance from the Light Beings, helping you navigate the uncertain world you are now living in. 

I tell you everything I know, beyond this; when you reach out to me – I remind you who you are so you can implement it.

~ Linda Deir



“So many people limit their power and therefore their life quality by relying on the ego or trusting in a remote concept of a Divine Being. Through her long life experience, Linda has found another way: Tune into and listen to your Guides. Linda’s writings and teachings navigate the knowledge/wisdom of the ancient and modern, reality and beyond, practical and spiritual.”

Larry Rosenberg


“Linda Deir is such an amazing source of knowledge and enlightenment. For those who are waking up to the truth,  I highly recommend reading her book, My Guided Journey. Then you can begin your own journey and learn how to live a guided life. She is personally available and has a genuine heart to help us all. Thank you, Linda!”

Nichole Curry


“What is your greatest challenge right now? Write it down. Your Spirit Guides have your back. They guide you by inspiring you. You will see it in the pages of your journal writing, as I did.”

Jackie Bailey

Emerald City Consulting

Linda’s Interview and Speaking Topics

The “take-away” from Linda’s true story, Guided, is “Knowing What to Do, and When to Do It,” so you can …

Overcoming the odds against you. (FEAR)

  • Learn what your “fear” triggers are and how to discharge them, so guidance can reach you.
  • How to “ask for help” … and recognize the answer when it shows up.
  • Trusting the “guidance” that’s always available.

Relinquish resistance to "inconvenient truths." (TRUTH)

  • Knowing what to do when “your purpose” shows up and your present life does not support it.
  • Accepting when a “relationship” is the right one, or not.
  • You know it’s guidance and not you … when it was something you didn’t want to hear.

Take action when guidance points you in "a new direction” or advises a “course correction.” (ACTION)

  • A New Direction means exactly that, a whole new direction in your life, like a relationship or career … ending or beginning.
  • A Course Correction requires you to “pivot,” without putting yourself through another cycle of “anxiety” and “depression.”
  • What it takes to become “conscious” so you can “trust yourself” and become a good “decision-maker.” 

Interviews and Speaking

When Linda Speaks

. . . her Guides speak through her. Expect the unexpected, with moment after moment of clarity!

People seek out author, speaker, transition coach, and trainer, Linda Deir … wanting to learn what her award-winning and bestselling book, GUIDED teaches.  A recipient of bullying and harrowing child abuse – her true story, GUIDED teaches people of all ages that when facing crises, disappointments, and tragedies you can achieve victory when you are connected to a higher intelligence source, those who followed you here, guiding you throughout your lifetime … your “Spirit Guides.”

Against all odds, by age 19, Linda became an unstoppable serial entrepreneur experiencing success after success … guided to get in and out of projects, and relationships at just the right time. A vital connection of living “in 2 worlds”  that grants her access to knowing what to do and when to do it! There’s a “silent majority” of people seeking higher-consciousness who realize this and want to learn how to live it … Linda can help you with that.

LINDA’S KEY TALKING POINTS – Click on any one of these key phrases to read articles Linda has written about the topic:   fearask for helpguidanceinconvenient truths …your purposerelationship … a new directioncourse correctionpivotanxiety and depressionconscious … trust yourself decision-maker  … in 2 worlds Spirit Guides

Linda Deir

Transition Coach

Coaching from those who know you best, your Spirit Guides

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Linda Reminds You Who You Are

… so you can see things for what they really are, and become who you really are. 

Linda Deir has always experienced the paranormal as normal, living in two worlds simultaneously. From early childhood, she experienced something most of us missed – she realized she was being “guided.” Now, after a lifetime of being guided, she is sharing what she has learned, and most importantly, how she learned it. Linda has developed a proven system to get you there!

Life is not supposed to be hard

A serial entrepreneur … business colleagues have asked Linda throughout her life how she became so intuitive, knowing when to get in and out of projects and situations at just the right time? They wondered how she had so much energy and achieved so much, making everything she did look so easy? Now, for the first time ever, in her True Story, GUIDED, Linda reveals exactly how this process works.  

You Will Find Your Tribe

As you being to harness the guidance you will be learning at a higher level with enthusiasm. Like-minded people will gravitate to you. You will break the cycle of putting yourself last … picking the wrong people, education, relationships, and job/work. You will feel a whole new excitement and meaning in everything you do! You will know what being “guided” is.

The Outcome

You will realize what you have been missing and why. Being reminded who you are – you will start to think clearly and see things for what they really are, so you can become who you really are. Being fully engaged in everything you do … your education, job/work, relationships, and yourself – you will be living your life with ease. You will feel the connection! 

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Linda’s Books

Click Here I am honored to announce that my autobiography, GUIDED, has been selected as WINNER of the first annual Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards, recognizing the best books on the topics of mind, body, and spirit internationally. The award cites excellence in design, story, and overall professionalism in the presentation of writing and narration.

Linda’s flagship book, Guided:GUIDED, by Linda Deir

All my books are available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes



How to Live a Guided Life, FIRST STEPS: channeled from my Spirit Guide Angels, Book 1, by Linda Deir

All my books are available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes


Meeting the Real YOU

How to Live a Guided Life, Meeting the Real YOU: channeled from my Spirit Guide Angels, Book 2, by Linda Deir

All my books are available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes


My Guided Journey

Purchase the Download of this book hereMy Guided Journey, by Linda DeirAll my books are available on Amazon


My Journal Writing

Purchase the Download of this book hereMy Journal Writing, by Linda Deir

All my books are available on Amazon


Reviews for Guided

"Guided, I know the story to be true"

 GUIDED, by Linda Deir - "I know this story to be true" by, Leonard R.

by Leonard R.

I am not an avid book reader, however, this story captivated me as I read the complete book just after receiving it from Amazon. 

I know the story to be true, as I had worked as a carpenter for Linda and her Ex-Husband Alex for a couple of years. I was 18 years old when I started to work for them. My relationship with them was employer-employee. My interactions were, on the most part, with Alex and Foreman Stan.

I worked shortly with Larry, Linda’s younger brother. I had shared a house with him for a short time. As soon as I moved in I brought a couple girls to the house. Larry hit it off with the one girl, then they rushed to marriage. That’s when I needed to move out, no room for me at the house, as they needed my room for her daughter. It broke my heart to read of Larry’s illness, as well as all the abuse Larry and Linda endured.

I always thought about Alex and Linda. I knew working for them then that Linda had energy, drive, and direction as she knew where she was going and could read the people around her. I could sense that then, knowing it was not just that they were young, obliviously, and everything is beautiful, she was on track. I thought of Alex as a nice guy, even though he had a tough persona and pushed everyone hard. I could tell with him he was a guy with a lot of insecurities. After reading this it is understandable why he did the things he did, lost soul.

Most importantly, they gave me the vision to grow. I did not know their age’s just that they were not much older than I was, and that I did not need to stay in a position in life to wait to be older like my parents and society made me feel. That I could start young and see opportunity and go with the right ones, which I did, with great success.”

"Clarity At Last"

GUIDED, by Linda Deir - "Clarity At Last" by, Eileen

by Eileen on December 18, 2015 – Format: Audible audio book

What made the experience of listening to Guided the most enjoyable?I recently purchased “Guided” as an audio book. I completed the audio last night. I am somewhat speechless. I was guided to purchase the audio book early last week. I was not familiar with Linda, her story or her work and website. I felt led to purchase the book and so I did. It has been the most incredible healing adventure. I have tears in my eyes as I write this because this book has answered so many questions and clarified so many of my life events since childhood. Although, the specific details of our stories are different, the lessons the author learned in childhood, adolescence and adulthood have brought so much clarity and healing to my heart and life.”

Who was your favorite character and why?Linda, the author. From the moment I played the audio book until the last page, I learned so many things about my guides through Linda’s depiction of hers. I realize now that they have literally been with me my entire life…speaking to me, guiding me, protecting me and comforting my broken heart through heartache, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, divorce, grief and loss, etc. I learned more over the last week listening to Linda’s experiences, than I have in my entire 45 years on this earth.This is saying a lot because I have had many wonderful mentors and an extensive education, but Linda’s stories have brought significant clarification to questions I have had for years.”

"Wow, this book is better than therapy!"

GUIDED, by Linda Deir - "Wow, this book is better than therapy!" by, Lisa Brady



by, Lisa Brady on July, 24, 2015 – Format: Audible audio book 

I had come upon this book a few months back, however, could not download it until a few days ago. As I started listening to Linda and her story, I realized I felt a kindred spirit with Linda ‘s unique history, some similar to my own. This book could not have come at a better time! Within listening to the last chapters, I decided to go on Linda and Ray’s website and instantly made an appointment to have a session with these two lovely folks and MY spirit guides. Well, as the first words came into fruition, the tears started pouring out because it was absolutely right on! As I write, I am ordering Linda’s next book to ensure I stay on this path as my journey of ‘my life under construction ‘ (thanks Linda and Ray! ) continues to be one of thoughtful choices as my guides ‘guide me’ through this life and hopefully the next one too:).”

"I am a Fan"

GUIDED, by Linda Deir - "A Must Read...I am a fan" by Traci

by Traci – Format: Kindle Edition

“I knew the moment I read the intro I would be moved. My husband and I both listened to the story. When we met over dinner at the end of the day, there wasn’t the usual “how was your day? ” we had “where are you in the book?” Or “Are you at the part where…”. I have shared this story with many people. People I know that would experience the same feelings I had. Let the healing begin. Thank you Linda for sharing your life with me. I am forever grateful. Blessings”

"I Literally could not put it down"

GUIDED, by Linda Deir - "I Literally could not put it down" by StratSki


by StratSki on Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

“This book is a great read. I literally could not put it down. It is compelling and well written. Although Linda shows how her spiritual connections helped her throughout her life, anyone would enjoy reading this as a novel because this is truly the type of story movies are made of.

Linda inspires the reader to take a journey through their own life and opens the door for the reader to discover their own connections. I personally think this should be in every airport bookshop . It would make any journey worth the trip. I was also inspired by her courage and honesty. I highly recommend this book.”


Life-Change self-help Author, Linda Deir, writes spiritual books about her real-life experiences. These books are derived from a lifetime of communication and guidance she received from her spirit guides, angels, those who have crossed over, and others. A vital connection that grants her access to knowing what to do and when to do it. 

Listen to an audio sample of my true life story, GUIDED.