A Problem is only a Problem when it's the Same Problem

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … problems become excuses when procrastinating.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will see that most of your problems are not yours.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … write down your problems. Then, review what you wrote down a day or a week later. Eliminate the ones that are not yours and solve the rest.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





What is the life span of a problem?

Is it short, like a short-term inconvenience? … or does it have a long life and the problem drags on forever? Problems and challenges are unavoidable and must be undressed in a timely fashion.

It’s okay to have a problem, but it’s not okay to have the same problem year after year.

When this occurs, it says that you did not take the time to undress the problem last year, or you don’t have the capacity to solve it. What you must do when you find yourself with the same problem year after year (what undressing it means) will require you to take a closer look at what the real problem is that’s causing the problem. Write that down so you can study it, instead of avoiding it by kicking the problem down the road.

Once you see the problem written down on paper you become the observer of the problem and not the owner of it.

You have a chance to look at it objectively and not take it personally. A problem is not something that happens to you, it’s something you learn from as a result of your ability to solve it.

A problem is not the problem, rather, it’s a process you must work through. This will require you to remain in the present moment as you move through it, or you will turn it into a problem.

How does that problem that you wrote down make you feel? Do you feel differently about that problem than you did a year ago? If it’s the same problem and you feel the same way about it, what is it that you now realize about the problem? Is it really not solvable, or is it solvable if you take action in the right direction, or is it even your problem? Is it a problem someone projected onto you, like something they don’t want to address themselves because they want someone else to fix all their problems. Only the ego could be enticed by this.

When the ego takes sole control of the problem – now you have a real problem. A problem on steroids.

We want you to write down one thing today, right now, to start solving one of your problems. Write down all the things that contribute to the problem by identifying one or two that you can eliminate easily, and right away. In doing this, two things have happened. One, you took action and got rid of the easiest problem first, and two, this small sense of accomplishment will propel you into taking a bigger bite out of the next problem, hence, applying immediate action towards its resolution.

Many people do not even start working on a problem because they see it as daunting, as one big problem, rather than a series of smaller problems hooked together. Once you take this observer approach to any problem, you start to see all the different ways you can start solving your problems.


  • Do you have the same problems this year as you did last year? … fix the easiest problem first.
  • Write down the problem so you can observe it from afar.
  • Who is it that can fix your problem? … is it you, or do you require “our” help? You must ask.

HOW IT WORKS: A problem is only a problem when you make it into one. It’s how the ego justifies itself. The ego loves problems because it likes to fix things. It’s the ego that causes more problems when it’s disconnected from your real self and your Guides… where the solutions reside.

When problems become big problems, that’s just bringing attention to what you have been avoiding for a long time. That’s when the problem becomes a decision, rather than a problem you can solve. The problem is not the problem, it’s about what you have been doing to avoid the problem and why. That’s why the Spirit Guides said, “write down all the things that contribute to the problem by identifying one or two that you can eliminate easily – right away.” That’s where you start. It’s where you could have started before it ever had a chance to mushroom into a problem in the first place. This is just one more strong point about the importance of writing in your journal for 15 minutes daily about any problem you need to understand. The observer of the problem is ‘you,’ the one who first came here, the owner of the problem is your ‘ego.’ They are both necessary, but they must support each other. Gee, that sounds like the perfect relationship. ~ Linda Deir