A Soulmate will Transform your Life | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Soulmates are two people, ideally suited as close friends who may or may not be romantic.

They could be just friends or maybe partners. It’s a relationship, a spiritually fulfilling one. It could be long-term but that’s not usually the case. It’s very likely a repeat of a relationship from another life.

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Life-partners are different from soulmates. A life partner is a biological and emotional pairing. Compromise is involved in most life-partner relationships. Many life-partner relationships are not long-term, in fact, nowadays most are not.

Sometimes two people get together just to settle karma. Or, got married just to have kids with that other person and then move on.

A soulmate heals you and makes you feel whole and complete.

A soulmate relationship is very difficult to explain to anyone else. It’s two people who understand each other in the relationship. Perhaps they have had this connection many times before in other lives. Soulmates don’t have to figure out or work on the relationship. It has a life of its own that just works.

If one of the people in the soulmate relationship has a spouse, many times the spouse will become jealous of that person’s soulmate. Soulmates can show up at any time, that’s also part of the dynamic.

Life-partners “try” to fix each other’s faults and imperfections. Soulmates never “try” to change or fix them, they respect each other too much to do that. Soulmates work to address problems together where other people walk away from the problems. Soulmate relationships do not focus on petty stuff. Soulmates feel like each other’s protector or guardian, maybe even guardian angel.

A test to see if you have a soulmate connection…

What are you willing to do and willing to feel with them? What do you share with that person? Do you share your deepest, darkest secrets? Do you share the most shameful things and moments of your lives? Many close relationships never get that far. Soulmates don’t text each other, they look into each other’s eyes and see each other’s souls.


  • Soulmates are special and above the normal relationship.
  • Not everything in a soulmate connection is rosy.
  • The soulmates are intended to be each other’s teachers and healers. 

How It Works: Soulmates don’t always show up to make your life peaceful. In fact, they will make you question everything. Your life will be turned over. Their impact will transform you. Throughout my book, Guided I share the journey I have had with the many soulmates. How they pushed me through doors I would have never elected to go through on my own. They did indeed transform my life. I am so grateful for all my soulmates. ~ Linda Deir

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