About Linda Deir

Linda Deir

Living a Guided Life ... is her Life!
Thanks to her “Spirit Guides and  Angels” she lived to tell her story.

Life-Change self-help Author

From early childhood, Linda Deir experienced something most of us missed – she realized she was being “guided.” Guided by her Spirit Guide Angels … Light Beings from beyond this world. Now, in her life-changing book, Guided, she shares what she learned and, most importantly, how she learned it.

My Story

The first time Linda dared to tell her true story was when she wrote and published, GUIDED … a riveting testament to survival in the face of insurmountable odds where she achieved far more than even she imagined … knowing she was being guided.

Her story started with the “merry-go-round” dream.

The dream that never changed; a dream she had the first 35 years of her life. This dream was the first memory she had in this life, she came in with it!

From that single repetitive dream, her Spirit Guides and Angels made it painfully clear what her job was to be in this lifetime. It was to show others how to overcome their fears so they can get around to living the life they intended before they got here – before they were born. Linda knows that this is only possible when you have a connection to your Spirit Guides and Angels, so they can reach you and guide you.

Fear can only happen when you relinquish your personal power by forgetting who you are.

In that dream, Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels showed her how fear turned into pain and to get out of the pain you must first get out of fear. It was fear that set it all into motion. The fear stopped the people in the dream from experiencing new things and believing in themselves. In that dream, Linda’s Spirit Guides told her, “The biggest tragedy of your times is that most people will die having lived fear-based lives.”

Linda’s dad’s even said, “What he learned from her was to not be so fearful of taking risks in his life.”

Fear blocked Linda’s dad from receiving the guidance that was always available to him. He admired how she made everything look so easy but like everyone else, he resented her for it.

Linda’s work is helping people overcome their fears by showing them where they have been missing the guidance. Only then can they begin to live the life they intended before they got here. That’s when they discover their real purpose, realize their true value, and start living a life of purpose. It starts by making the connection … connected to yourself first and your Spirit Guides and Angels next. From this, your life will be changed forever.

Linda knows firsthand how to soar beyond the fears when you have the support of your Spirit Family. Because of their guidance, she survived 16 years of child abuse, to her escape as a teenager in crisis, and into phenomenal success as a businesswoman in a man’s world by age 19 and beyond becoming an unstoppable serial entrepreneur. All possible from the constant support and guidance she received and acted on. A vital connection that grants her access to knowing what to do and when to do it … pivot on a dime.

Linda’s flagship book, GUIDED, is the template to trigger the reader to live a fearless, authentic life despite the odds against her. Yes, you do have Spirit Guides and Angels – everyone does.

You become like those you associate with. This is especially true when it comes to your Spirit Guides and Angels. As this relationship develops you learn to detect their guidance and take action while it is the most effective. They have guided me through many transitions, eliminating fear and struggle. As you align with this guidance, becoming more like them (your Spirit Guides and Angels), you will start to think clearly and see things for what they really are, so you can become who you really are.  

You have help! … You are never alone and always being guided. Linda Deir shows you how this works to gain mastery over your life.

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