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About Linda's Work

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Spiritual Solutions for

Mental Wellness

Int’l Award-Winning true story, Guided

Guided, by Linda Deir - WINNER of the Int'l Body/Mind/Spirit book Awards

I am honored to announce that my autobiography, GUIDED, has been selected as WINNER of the first annual Int'l Body-Mind-Spirit Book Awards, recognizing the best books on the topics of mind, body, and spirit internationally. The award cites excellence in design, story, and overall professionalism in the presentation of writing and narration.

I write spiritual self-help books about what I learned from the lifetime connection to my Spirit Guides and Angels, along with how it works in your life. I teach you how to make this connection with your Guides. Once the feeling of separateness leaves you, the connection to your  Spirit Guides and Angels will be a natural occurence. Your life will begin to make sense – with their help.

Motivational Speaker

In my speaking and interview appearances (online and in-person) expect spontaneous insights that reawaken the soul’s urge to express itself.

Guided Journey

A self-directed counseling service of spiritual awakenings and unexpected psychology … spiritual solutions for mental wellness. This Guided Journey is for all ages … free to everyone! Currently, the Guided Journey has over 133,000 social shares!

Webinars, Live Events, and Teaching

Coaching, Training, Dreams

  • Coaching … “Linda Deir Transition Coach,” you will be having a conversation with your Spirit Guides and Angels. Linda provides you with her proprietary tools that keeps the conversation going beyond your coaching.
  • Training … “Linda Deir one-on-one Self-Mastery Training,” I isolate specific issues that have been hanging you up and holding you back. You can’t see it when you’re in it, but I can. You will have moment after moment of clarity as, together, we break through the patterns of programming that have controlled your life.
  • Dreams … Dream Interpretation by Linda Deir… Live the Life of YOUR Dreams. A dream not understood is like receiving a letter you never opened.


My mission is raising consciousness through individual transformation

Why I do this work … and why now!

Guided, by Linda Deir

“Linda’s perspective on the current direction of  the world, the planet, and our dumbing-down and increasing ignorance of our society – a situation she verbalizes well and follows that with a cautionary plea to tune into our guides to get us through this increasingly mad merry-go-round that is life.”

~ Grady Harp, Amazon HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER of 

Behind the Scenes

Complete in-house development and maintenance of two high-traffic websites – LindaDeir.com and ChanneledReadings.com, both of which are in the top 0.05% of all websites in the U.S.. LindaDeir.com has become the #1 website in the World for the highest amount of engagement for any Spiritual Author/Teacher as per Alexa rankings! This entire project has been developed and discovered without the assistance of a publisher, agent, advertisers, developers, sponsors, employees, or any other outside assistance. Just two people and their Spirit Guides and Angels working 7-days-a-week to bring “their” messages and teachings to the world … helping the ones who can be reached.

Linda and Ray are the sole architects and engines behind this project …

For just two people to create and maintain this massive project at the high-level we do, requires much time and money. Our excellent standards produces consistency in everything we do. Giving you the best experience and the highest value. Until now people have sent Linda financial support for her work through snail mail. While the unsolicited financial support is greatly appreciated, we felt our supporters deserved a more convenient way to participate in this project. We hope that by providing the process to support the work of Linda Deir we have answered that need.

Thank you for supporting my work, Linda Deir


Word of Mouth

Although your financial support is helping to keep this project going, telling your friends, family, and social media friends about me are equally as important.

My Spirit Guides and Angels have consistently told me, “Your work will be found through word-of-mouth.”

So, please leave reviews from where you purchased my books, along with telling your friends, family, and social media friends about them. Also, let them know how my work has helped you on your Guided Journey. ~ Sincere gratitude, Linda