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These are the three most common reactions I receive from my fans.

Keep up your valued work


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Your work changed my life

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GUIDED, by Linda Deir - WINNER 2017 Int'l Body/Mind/Spirit Book AwardWhen you support my work …

You are helping me bring this higher level of learning to others. Your support is an acknowledgment of the value you receive personally from my work along with your desire to help me reach others who want to awaken and heal. Your pledge of support is the “fuel” that helps me reach those who want to make the connection! … resulting in a more connected and less fearful world. 





Amazon Customer Review
Kathy Cartagena - Amazon review

This system guides you through digging into your past for stuck emotions that need releasing.  This Guided Journal Writing System is such an awesome concept! MP3’s are included to help you along, It is so easy to note where the guidance came from so that when you look back through your journal, you can easily identify the baby steps the guides have been giving you. It is just so wonderful to have someone with so much experience with the guides helping us learn how to communicate better with our own guides. Thank you for devoting your time and resources to helping us each evolve. The book Guided and this Guided Journal Writing System has truly changed my life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”  ~ Kathy Cartagena


My work is all about helping you … Make the Connection:

Linda writes spiritual books about her real-life experiences. These books are derived from her lifetime of communication and timely guidance she received from her spirit guides, angels, those who have crossed over, and others. A vital connection that grants her access to knowing what to do and when to do it. 

  • GUIDED, my award-winning best-selling book about how I made the connection.
    • My Guided Journey, the companion journal to GUIDED … restores lives.
    • My Journal Writing, your road map to consciousness
  • How to Live a Guided Life:
    • Book 1, First Steps
    • Book 2, Meeting the Real You
  • Support and products to help you connect.
  • Live events, online and on-location events enhancing your connection.
  • Coaching, experience the connection.
  • Free Weekly Guidance
    • Linda’s Weekly Guided Insights about navigating the uncertain world you are now living in.  Delivered every Tuesday accompanied by “Linda Live!” Tuesday nights on Facebook Live, so the readership can speak to their  Spirit Guides about what these insights hold for them.
    • Guided Journal Writing System. Using this system, Linda helps you “Make the Connection” Wednesday nights Live on Facebook Live. This “Guided Journal Writing System” takes you on a journey of spirituality and unexpected psychology.

Behind the scenes … complete in-house development and maintenance of two high-traffic websites – and, both of which are in the top 0.05% of all websites in the U.S.. has become the #1 website in the World for the highest amount of engagement for any Spiritual Author/Teacher as per Alexa rankings! This entire project has been developed without the assistance of a publisher, agent, advertisers, developers, sponsors, employees, or any other outside assistance. Just two people and their Spirit Guides working 7-days-a-week to bring “their” messages to the world … helping the ones who can be reached.

Ray Holley and Linda Deir - It takes a TEAM to achieve a DREAMLinda and Ray are the architects and engines behind this project …

For just two people, to create and maintain this massive project at the high-level we do requires much time and money. Part of our excellent standards means consistency in everything we do. Giving you the best experience and the highest value. Until now, people have sent Linda donations to support her work through snail mail. While these unsolicited support donations are greatly appreciated, we felt our supporters deserved a more convenient way to participate in this project. We hope that by providing the pages to donate to the work of Linda Deir we have answered that need.

Thank you for supporting my work,

Linda Deir

… Although your financial support is helping to keep this project going, telling your friends, family, and social media friends about me are equally as helpful. My Spirit Guides and Angels have consistently told me that people will find me through word-of-mouth. So, please leave reviews from where you purchase my books, along with telling your friends, family, and social media friends about them. Also, let them know how my coaching and live events continue to help you in your personal journal. ~ With gratitude, Linda