Adapt or Change but Never Compromise
  • The takeaway from this episode is … don’t let change push you around, consider all your options without injecting fear into your decision.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … create a life that will work for you no matter how much change occurs.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … listen to your intuition, as it’s the most accurate news you will get informing you that change is coming.


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Change is like the weather. It is not the change itself, but how people react to this change.

They either change their circumstances, or they learn to adapt and compensate. This adaptation does not equal hope, as hoping is never changing or adapting. If people do not want to adapt to the change, whether they relocate to another area that suits them and they feel comfortable, there will still be change. So, this was the choice they made to adapt to the change that was taking place even if they move. 

If people remain where they’re at they must confront the weather, accept it, and adapt to it. Since you are the only asset you have control over, it is up to you to choose to adapt to change or get away from the change and go somewhere that is more to your liking, but there will still be changes no matter where you go.

Staying in one place and hoping that change adapts to you is leading a false existence.

As far as change is concerned you can’t ignore it. You either adapt to the change that’s going on – or change yourself. You are always evolving as a person. Evolution is a gradual adaptation to your circumstances like the weather.

Your life here is not about sitting still and attempting to find yourself while change continues to happen all around you. Once you find yourself, the change would still be occurring and you would have to find yourself all over again based upon the new circumstances that change brought. So, constantly trying to “find yourself” is a flawed strategy. It’s about re-creating yourself in order to function within your constantly changing environment.

The difference between adapting and compromising involves your values:

  1. If you compromise, you exclude yourself – by compromising your values and your standards. It is harmful to your character to compromise.
  2. If you adapt, you include yourself – you make provisions to accommodate change without compromising your values.

Compensating and adapting are the same thing. Both mean you take an action to counteract negative changes like choosing to wear a coat if the weather turns cold.

Hope is different from adapting.

People hope that things won’t change or that they can go back to the way things were because they don’t want to change or adapt. They want it just like it used to be, so they compromise their life away.


  • The extreme change happening throughout societies worldwide cause most people to complain about the situation politically or economically and do nothing to change their environment. They will swallow hard and accept the negative change being forced upon them and the compromises begin.
  • People think they have no control over change and that it’s just something they have to accept and live with.
  • If you have trouble adapting start with little things. If you have trouble changing start with the big things.   

HOW IT WORKS: We can adapt to our environment, but that is only healthy if it doesn’t involve compromising our values or character. Or we can change, but change will not work if you think you can run away from it. Changing for positive reasons would be to better position yourself, either geographically or strategically, where you are supported for the person you are. ~ Linda Deir