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How to write a REVIEW… 

for any of my books

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If you liked my book, GUIDED, or any other book I wrote, I would appreciate it if you would leave a review. The more reviews, the more likely the author’s book will be found. It’s very helpful to readers who don’t know about them yet. 
Thank you for your support, Linda Deir


You can write a review for my books on Amazon regardless of how you acquired them. You did not need to buy it on Amazon to leave a review, only have an account.

Here’s how to leave your Review on Amazon:

Image - Print This PageThe following instructions are NOT active on this page – these are the exact steps you will take only after you are on the Amazon website for GUIDED: CLICK HERE to go to the: Amazon website for GUIDED

1. Scroll down the Amazon page for GUIDED until you see the header: Customer Reviews 2. Then, scroll down to underneath the last CUSTOMER review on the Amazon page  3. You’ll see a box on Amazon that reads like this below: Amazon - Write a customer review 4. Click on this box on Amazon  and you will be directed to a screen that looks like this: Amazon review first step for Linda Deir's books 5. First, click on the number of stars you give my book. 6. Write your review in the box provided. When you begin writing (we typed the word “Guided”) the screen will open up and look like this: Amazon Review finish page for Linda's Deir books 7. When you’re done writing your review, enter the Heading for your review. This is located directly under your written review 8. Click the “Submit” button