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I am a transitional life coach. In my flagship book,GUIDED, by Linda Deir my life was used as the template for how I made many transitions at just the right time through the guidance I received from my Spirit Guides, Angels and others … helping me solve problems while learning who I was. Using this proven process, in your “Angel Coaching with Linda,” you will be communicating directly with your own Spirit Guides, Angels, and others – providing timely guidance from those who know you best.

Experience the healing powers of their guidance, to solve problems and live your life on purpose.



  • See where you have received guidance from your Spirit Guide Angels and have been missing it.
  • Receive instant guidance and healing from your Spirit Guides, Angels and others through this interactive 2-way communication with them.
  • Learn how and when to take action on their timely guidance so you can maximize its effectiveness in your life right now.

Turning to others for advice will give you opinions. Turning to your Guides will give you solutions, 

Linda Deir, author, medium, transition coach, trainer

How It Works

Photo that Linda captured of her Spirit Guide Angel in 1994

Photo Linda captured in 1994 of her spirit guide angel  when she had her 35 mm Nikon Camera in hand

This coaching and healing session is focused on an interactive 2-way communication with your own Spirit Guide Angels and others. To do this, we use THE STORY of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board, by Channeled Readings, LLCtalking board (a product of our parent company, Channeled Readings, LLC) to bridge this communication to your guides. A rapport building experience between you and your Spirit Guides and Angels, they will be conveying timely guidance specific to you and to the questions you ask. They are the most qualified to do this because they are the ones who came here with you on that very first day.

Just like I have experienced throughout my life In your coaching session you will…

have a “conversation” with your Spirit Guides, Angels and others you have a connection to.

From this, you will discover for yourself that your Guides, are indeed, the best friends and life coaches you will ever know. You will wonder how you ever got along without them.

  • Your session will begin with an opening message from your Spirit Guide Angels. They will tell you what they see as the most important thing for you to know at this particular time in your life.
  • Next, they will prompt you to ask your first question. After they answer you, they will prompt you to ask your second question, and so forth.
  • Linda will be coaching you throughout your session explaining what your Spirit Guides, Angels and others are telling you and how to implement their guidance into your life. She will also help you with your questions when you need it.
  • Your Spirit Guide Angels will finish the session with their closing message to you.

This transitional Angel Coaching with Linda “system” did not come from me. It was derived from the Spirit Guides and Angels. 

This book, GUIDED, and my coaching session could not have come at a better time in my life. As the first words came into fruition, the tears started pouring out because it was absolutely right on!” ~ Lisa Brady

Audible Review

I came across this book, GUIDED, unintentionally. Halfway through the book I realized that my own guides lead me to this book. I scheduled a coaching session with Linda and I was floored at what came through.” ~ Marianne W.

Amazon Review

I read GUIDED in one day and was so moved, I contacted Linda for a coaching session. It was awesome!” ~ Sheri

Amazon Review

When I read her story about her tortuous childhood and how it led to her strong connection with her spirit guide angels who helped her get through it…I cringed and wept. This strong soul came forth and transcended hellish conditions to encourage others to get in touch with their truest, most trusted friends–their own personal spirit guide angels.

Through a one-on-one session with her and her partner Ray, Linda helped me learn to drop the fear. And that changed everything. It has been a paradigm shift that was like taking me from a black-and-white world of duality into a rainbow technicolor Universe. Thank you, Linda Deir!” ~ Lori Chidori Phillips

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  1. Release the fear that’s causing stress and even panic in your life, blocking the guidance coming through from your Spirit Guides, Angels, and others.
  2. Next, with your support team of spirit guides, angels, and others, you will develop a clearer understanding and acceptance of who you are.
  3. Then, with the stress and panic under control, you can begin to trust who you are.
  4. Now your ability to detect when your Spirit Guides and Angels are sending you guidance will be enhanced.
  5. Removing any expectation of an outcome, you can receive and interpret their messages with clarity.
  6. With all of this momentum, you now have the power to take the final and most important step, and that is to take action on their guidance.

Fear no longer dominates your life because you realize you are not alone and always being guided!


You will learn effective ways to ask for their help and receive it.

This is not praying or hoping, but asking – asking from a clear and sincere intent. These benevolent beings are always watching over you, protecting you, healing, and guiding you. 

Upon releasing all resistance – your life will change in an instant. It will no longer be a painful struggle. You will know what it looks and feels like to live a guided life when you know what is required from you. You realize you are not alone and always being guided. With this awareness, you stop chasing things and just let it work. This is when YOUR life begins to work. 

IMAGINE… having a relationship with your spirit guide angels, who willingly listen to you without judgment, encourage you to follow your dreams, guide you toward your victories, see you through all your challenges and successes, bring out the best in you, and always tell you the truth. This describes your Spirit Guides and Angels – it’s a relationship that will help you overcome obstacles and solve problems as you reach your highest potential. Your Guides are your compass as you realize that it’s them who are guiding you every step of the way…you just need to recognize them and, most importantly, take action on their guidance while it’s still valid.

Your Spirit Guide Angels are the ones you can trust while safeguarding your confidence…

  • They have no personal agenda and provide unbiased guidance specific to you
  • They guide you toward a life that’s more fulfilling than you could have done on your own, but the choice is always yours

Once connected to your Spirit Guide Angels, you wake up each day excited to be here because the struggle is gone, hence, you are living a guided life, They are truly the best friends and life coaches you could ever hope for. You can now face your fears because you know you are not alone, you are always being guided.

LINDA’S GUIDED LIFE…  I have over 60 years experience knowing I am being guided by my Spirit Guides, Angels and others. They saved my life as a baby, protected me, believed in me so I could believe in myself, healed me, and gave me clear direction critical to the many successes in my life. They notified me when it was time to get in and out of any situation at just the right time. They loved me when nobody else did. They helped me make timely decisions that eliminated the struggle that assured my success and happiness. After a coaching session with me and your Spirit Guide Angels, you will discover how you have always been guided. Using your now heightened awareness, access to your Spirit Guide Angels will survive this coaching session. You will become more sensitive enabling you to  detect their presence and recognizing their guidance. That is the intent your Spirit Guide Angels have for you – if you are open to it. I look forward to being your coach in your transitional angel coaching session on this exciting journey in communicating directly with your own Spirit Guide Angels. This is just the beginning of a fascinating and unlimited adventure – realizing your Spirit Guide Angels are by your side every step of the way.

Living a Guided Life Is My Life…

Linda Deir, author, medium, transition coach, trainer

Angel Coaching with Linda

Angel coaching and healing with Linda

“Angel Coaching with Linda” is performed over-the-phone or Skype. All coaching sessions include one free high-def audio recording of your coaching session delivered via email. Once you click to schedule, you will be directed to checkout through PayPal. You can use your PayPal account or any credit or debit card without a PayPal account.

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Linda Deir has become my personal “Tour Guide” for connecting me to my Spirit Guide Angels.”

Susan B. – Atlanta, GA

I’ve always felt my Spirit Guides were around me…now, because of Linda, I communicate with them daily.”

Chris- Portland, OR

With Linda’s help, I’m now able to hear my Angels’ guidance loud and clear!

Stephanie – Vancouver, BC