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  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will see anxiety for what it is – fear of the future.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … take your life back by putting anxiety into perspective.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … every time anxiety rears its ugly head write it down.


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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

Many people have anxiety about the future, but how does that happen?

People love predictions. They love to read about predictions from famous psychics while predicting their own futures. However, the word “prediction” is just a fancy word for guessing. So, how good are you at guessing?

As a child, a relative would play a guessing game with you, “which hand is the quarter in?” This was most likely your favorite guessing game because you had a stake in it – you won the quarter if you guessed it right. You had a 50 percent chance of picking the hand with the quarter in it. But how often did you pick the wrong hand? Did you suspect foul play, that someone tricked you in some way? If it’s so difficult to pick the correct hand in a 50 percent contest, how can you predict anything about the future with certainty?

You should not focus on the things you cannot control.

You should accept that everything is uncertain, and no amount of worry or guessing will change any outcome. When you reflect on what happened in the past all uncertainty is eliminated. However, depression replaced the anxiety you had over it. In other words, just because the past that already happened is no longer uncertain doesn’t mean you do not have regrets.

So, depression causes you to worry and fret about what you should have done, what you should have predicted, and the precautions you should have taken. That repetitive behavior just mounts up more anxiety you have about the future. It’s no wonder that people who are depressed and sad about their past are also the ones who are most likely to be anxious about the future.

You must begin to train yourself to eliminate anxiety by remaining present.

Use 15 minutes of your present moments to write in your journal each day about what you are depressed or anxious about. Depression is related to the past. Anxiety is related to the future.

This journal writing will show you what needs to be healed. The issue is a past that has caused you to expect the worse and continues to project that repetitive expectation into the future. It anticipates a negative future rather than allowing for a positive one. Guessing that the future will be bad because you’re expecting it to be that way is fear of the future. When you don’t heal the past that has caused you to expect the worse you will continue to project that repetitive expectation into the future.

To understand this guessing game in your present time reality, you will realize that anticipating short-term predictions, like how will the stock market perform tomorrow, or what will the weather be like tomorrow is a waste of time. Once you look at things like the stock market or weather, which could go up or down or stay the same will you begin to see, at best, you are only guessing. Do not pile any more negative energy onto this guessing, just treat it like the guessing game it is. Now, the next day, reverse your prediction, go in the opposite direction and see the result. It will be just like the 50 percent game you used to play when you tried to guess which hand the quarter was in.

Once you see the futility in playing this guessing game and the anxiety that results from it, you will realize that focusing on the present moment is the only thing you can make sense of in real-time. That the present moment is all there is. This will also help you accept the uncertainty of the future without tainting it with an anticipated outcome. To do this you must raise your awareness by closing your eyes, then breathe and relax. This is how you can become grateful for the perfection that the present moment has to offer.

CALL TO ACTION: Start your Self-Examination

  • Anxiety about the future is a guessing game, so stop guessing and return to who you are without all that self-created pressure.
  • Reflect on how guessing games made you feel when you were a child?
  • Only when you allow the uncertainty of the future to be there while focusing on the present moment will you eliminate the fear of the future.

HOW IT WORKS: The point the Spirit Guides made in this insight is that going through your life without healing the trauma of your past will cloud your present moments. You will constantly be bracing yourself for something that could happen because of something that happened long ago. That fear of the future will not allow you to be at peace with yourself until you heal it once and for all. It is distorting your ability to trust yourself causing you to be depressed and anxious. If your life feels like either one of these then writing 15-minutes each day in your journal will be a lifesaver for you. This is how you will see for yourself what has caused your anxiety about the future. ~ Linda Deir




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