Attending to what enters your Awareness

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will know what to do with what enters your awareness.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will be more aware of how you spend your focus.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … realizing how you spend your focus will improve your awareness producing a vibrant life.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





Things are entering your awareness all the time.

It’s what you do with your focus that makes or breaks your awareness experience. You can either focus on things internally, like having a conversation with yourself when contemplating deeply about a problem. Or focus your awareness outwardly running the risk of just living your life on autopilot.

Think about awareness. Awareness is being conscious and aware of what’s going on. Following that awareness, your interpretation will produce either a positive or negative result.

Think about the first time you drove somewhere by yourself. You were very aware of what you had to do; fix the mirror, put on your seatbelt, make sure you knew where you’re going. But now, you don’t do any of that; you jump in the car without thinking through each step and just drive to your destination on autopilot.

People who live their life on autopilot get stuck in their ways, miss new awareness, and live a surface-level existence. These are the non-thinking people who are always focused outwardly – chasing things. If you are focused inwardly, you can do one of two things. You can receive in-depth realizations about what the awareness is showing you. Or you can take your awareness and diminish it by criticizing it, which is a negative path.

If you spend your lifetime criticizing your experiences you will become anxious, worried, nervous, fearful, and paranoid. People don’t always believe what comes to them so naturally, rather, they guess at it, second-guess it, third-guess it, and so forth. They never really get the juice from the awareness.

Just by dropping the judgment your life will instantly improve.

It helps to do some things to get the most out of your awareness. One way is to meditate, a lot of people enter their internally focused state of awareness when meditating but meditating isn’t the only way to achieve awareness.

You must write down what entered your awareness before it dissipates. Writing allows you to establish patterns, so you can make the best decisions from future awareness. If you allow outside distractions to command your attention, interrupting your inner focus, then you become an unaware person. Many people are unaware and unconscious of what is going on around them because they are predominately externally focused.

If you don’t slow down and focus inwardly you will miss the whole concept of self-awareness – you will miss your chance to experience a vibrant life.


HOW IT WORKS: Attending to what enters your awareness will change your entire life. It’s a straight shot to your Guides. That’s because you are present, open, and aware. That’s your winning hand. Awareness that only happens occasionally is not a winning hand because it’s not reliable or consistent. You must write down those gems of awareness in chronological order in your journal because, like a storyboard, you will see the consistency of awareness pointing you true north. It’s a journey and not a short-sighted goal. It will become obvious as your awareness improves. Say goodbye to being consciously impaired – the result of being controlled by an insecure ego. Attending to what enters your awareness is living a guided life. A life of making the right decision every time. ~ Linda Deir