Change is your Evolution | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“People cannot accept change. They don’t like it. 

This is why they miss our guidance. We are constantly broadcasting guidance to you but you must be receptive, listen and be willing to walk that way. When you don’t, your life becomes increasingly more uncertain, as we watch you struggle and get lost.

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From childhood, you were taught to comply and never rock the boat.

Essentially, you were programmed to resist change at the risk of upsetting the status quo. This required you to shut us out. You strived to be happy being “normal” like everyone else, even though they were miserable being that way.

This set you up to view change, as not only a lot of work but a lot of forced pain. At various times in your life, we saw that you were perfectly positioned to move out of your comfort zone so you could evolve toward your intended destination. The destination we planned with you before you arrived here in this lifetime. However, since you are already in pain of some kind, you don’t want more and that’s why you continue to resist our guidance. This is the typical response of people who are disconnected.

To reconnect to us requires that you unlearn the programs you were forced to comply with as a child. What you need to examine, is why you are so uncomfortable with any type of change? What is it about change that disturbs and frightens you? You will recognize the programs that set you up to resist change as the self-imposed shackles you can now remove.

Change should be called evolution.

Everything that evolves eventually breaks down, changing into something better. It’s the natural progression that is always happening. You don’t see it because it moves so slow. It’s similar to someone telling you the earth tipped on its axis so many degrees last year, but you didn’t notice it because it moved so slowly you couldn’t see or feel it.

So, take a look at the guidance that frightens you causing you to resist change. It’s change rooted in evolution.


  • Change is something that people fear versus revere.
  • Change involves not only work but forced pain.
  • Change is really evolution and happening all the time.

How It Works: When you first start to detect the guidance that is always coming through it will make you feel uneasy. After all, ever since you were a child you were told it wasn’t real, or that you were crazy. This suggested that this world is all there is – when you knew that wasn’t true. Being unequipped to respond in a way that the people in this world could understand, you went along with the status quo. You learned to compromise. This is what needs to change now. You will discover that change is your evolution and not something you have to do, but what you finally get to do. You are going to like who you are! ~ Linda Deir

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