Guided, Chapter 1: First Contact – The Merry-Go-Round Dream

Guided Journey

Imagine having the same dream every night for 35 years.

A dream, that no matter what you do, it’s always the same and it won’t stop. Although it was distressing, even as a toddler I knew it was telling me something important. This dream was like an alarm that had no off button showing me a world to come and my part in it.

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From that dream, I experienced how great this life is – that is, until I saw how fear will consume people’s lives.


I was shown how their fear was killing them …

… They were afraid to experience new things and didn’t believe in themselves. They were closed down, making this life hard when it didn’t need to be that way. This was the world to come.

I was just a toddler when I first started experiencing all of this …

… I came into this life happy and optimistic, knowing I could do anything once I got here. But something was terribly wrong once I was actually here. The message in this dream was to help the ones who could be reached – so they could live the life they intended before they got here, without fear. This was my part in it.

Not only was I having this same dream every night, sometimes multiple times per night – I had to figure out its meaning on my own. I was around two years old when this started and had never even seen a merry-go-round yet. I knew I couldn’t tell anyone about this – something I didn’t even understand myself.

This turned out to be my own yellow brick road.

A road I was placed onto the moment I arrived here in this world. There was nothing I could do to change the dream or stop it. So I can’t say that I was exceptional in any way, just that I didn’t have a choice. Unable to figure this out on my own, my impulse was to experiment with everything that came my way. This was how I learned while discovering who I was and oh…who “they” were. This elusive force was continuously influencing me as I reached for the next exciting new experience. It all had a life of its own. It was as natural as breathing but I always knew all this was coming from somewhere else. From the beginning of my life, I secretly realized I was being raised by Spirit Guides and Angels and not the family I was born into.

If someone were to observe this they would have described the things I was experiencing as paranormal, when, in fact, it was all normal to me.

Yes, I was learning at a higher level from loving beings beyond this world. They made learning easy and fun. By anyone’s standards, this was advanced stuff. What they presented to me was always doable and intriguing at that particular time in my life. This dream drew me into a higher Interdimensional way of learning and thinking from the very beginning. While I was never confused or lost about what I was learning from my Spirit Guides and Angels I always had to have my guard up here in this world. Keeping all of this together allowed me to continue experiencing this spontaneous way of learning without interference. Having this vital connection to my Guides was the only lifeline I had in this world because, so far, everyone here was working against me. ~ Linda Deir

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