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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

 People say that who you are is not what you do. That may be wrong.

You are what you do because you spend so much time doing it. Between sleeping a third of your life away and working possibly more than another third there’s not much life left over. You probably chose your job because you needed to make money.

The more you do what you do, the more you become it. This is true because you give it your time and energy and, therefore, you give it consciousness. Eventually, that consciousness fills your personal life with the reality of your work life.

So what does it mean to choose your work carefully? Consider these points.

Do you have a job, or do you have a vocation? A vocation is a calling while a job is a prison. A vocation is referred to as a “calling” because it calls out to you. A vocation is what gives you your unique voice in the world. You wake up each day with a passion for living because you love what you do.

Jobs just become the killers of your dreams. It may take many people a long time to realize their calling. You may have to quit many jobs before you find one that’s considered a vocation or a calling.

When you discover your calling, you must embrace it because that’s how you will fulfill your purpose. Stop working just to pay the bills because that will never bring you happiness or lead you to a life that mattered. So many people only work to pay their bills which becomes a downward spiral. It’s the void you feel inside that causes you to look outside yourself to fill that void. 

This leads to more debt – distracting you from what you came here to do. Now, you have to work more and harder to pay for all that. Why not quit your job today if you don’t like it? You will find other ways to pay for what you call your bills.

CALL TO ACTION: Start your Self-Examination

  • Here’s a map to identify where you are in the life cycle so you can begin to ponder your choices.

HOW IT WORKS: People say they must have a job because they have bills to pay. I’ve got news for you – they are not your bills. Here’s the proof. If you decide to stop a service that sends you one of those bills each month what happens? What happens is nothing. That bill never comes. So where does it go? It doesn’t even exist. The bills you claim as your own are only there as long as you agree to them and allow them to be sent to you. So, they’re not your bills, they are temporary agreements. In many cases, you can stop receiving those bills immediately with one notice to cancel.

Only keep the bills that you like, the ones that you are happy to get because they provide true value. If your bills are a burden and the reason you stay stuck in a job, then get rid of them. This decision will give you your life back so you can choose your work carefully. Have a vocation that you are happy with because that’s how you will support your passion and your purpose for being here. ~ Linda Deir




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