Connecting to Your Spiritual Family

“How many families do you have?

Most people believe they only have one real family, the one they were born into. However, there is another family you belong to and are always connected to – that is your spiritual family. It’s not like you have a choice to be part of that family or not, it’s the family you came from before you got here. You’ve always been a part of that family. They are your eternal family, the connection to your real home. 

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So, who is this spiritual family?

They are the ones who know you best, the ones who are always around and sending you guidance. They don’t want you to be miserable in your earthly life. They are always communicating with you in order to give you the best guidance with the most clarity. However, just like you didn’t always listen to your parents growing up you may not always listen to your spiritual family.

The difference is that unlike your parents your spiritual family doesn’t mind that you don’t always listen. Your parents would punish you when you did something wrong or unacceptable growing up. Your spiritual family is not ever vindictive or chastising. You don’t hurt their feelings by not following their guidance, you only hurt yourself.

How do you know that you are always getting guidance from us? Well, you receive it through intuition, gut feelings, dreams, messengers who show up at the right time, or maybe a song comes on the radio and the lyrics are something you need to hear right now. Guidance comes in all forms. Sometimes you miss the guidance altogether and at other times you hear it clearly and don’t act on it. Just like you disobeyed your parents growing up, you felt threatened by being told what to do, how to do it, how to act, and how to think. In other words, how to live your life. You felt restricted by your parent’s advice and that’s why resentment came into your life. You resented being told what to do, not only by your parental family but by society, law enforcement, teachers, bosses, co-workers, and maybe even your own children. Having children just give you a dose of what you doled out to your parents. Do you see a pattern forming here, generation after generation?

Being told how to live your life, the rebellion evolved as a result of the unhappy outcome of listening to your earthly family and society. There has always been a gnawing hole in your gut, in your soul telling you that this is your life and you should live it by the standards you came in with.

Nobody was telling you what to think or how to act when you were a baby, a new person. You loved life and lived it through your continuous curiosity. Your bliss began to be interrupted when you were about two years old and became more mobile. That’s when people started to tell you, “no.” “No” was a foreign word to you the first couple of years of your life. Once you started listening to “no” you had a completely different outlook on the world. It seemed that there were more “no” things you couldn’t do, or that people told you that you couldn’t do than there were “yes” things or things others encouraged you to do.

Doing the natural things spurred from your curiosity became an effort.

Following this urge required that you forced yourself to be motivated to do what was required first, so you could finally do what inspired you. People say, “life is hard, it’s not a bowl of cherries.” Maybe their life is like that, but you didn’t come in like that and it wasn’t like that before you got here when you were with your spiritual family. So what happened? Along the way, after you got here you forgot your spiritual family, what they were like, how you felt around them, and how they treated you. They treated you with love and respect as a powerful soul who could do anything, could learn anything, could live a life of bliss through following your curiosity and using the talents you brought with you into this life. So as you get older be cautiously aware of people telling you what to do and how to think. What they are really doing is limiting your experience.


  • You had another family before you got here.
  • Your spiritual family can be hard to hear when your earthly family is so loud.
  • Unless you make a conscious effort it’s very difficult to keep hearing the clear guidance coming from the family you can’t see.   

How It Works: In my book, Guided, Part One, Raised by Spirit Guides … I describe how, at the beginning of my life, I discovered my Spirit Guides and Angels. From that awareness, I realize my earthly family could no longer hurt me like they used to. Because of this connection to my Spirit Guide Angels, I was able to see things and people for what and who they were. I could handle the truth and didn’t take things personally. I didn’t feel helpless or fearful. I liked who I was and I knew I was never alone. I was learning at a higher level from following the inner urge on my guided journey with my best friends and life coachesmy real family, my Spirit Guides and Angels. ~ Linda Deir

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