Consciousness Resides in the Details

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this week’s episode is … consciousness and the details are not separate.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will be able to “identify” the details.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … consciousness is a by-product of taking a moment to write down the details of what you are writing in your journal.


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Today, we’re going to talk about how to bring consciousness and the details together …

you will discover that these two components are not separate, as they happen simultaneously. When you are not conscious you will catch yourself thinking things like, “Oh, I’ll get around to writing down the details that I just noticed … later on.” This is like a dream you had, and a few moments later it dissipates from your memory.

You’re going to find this information useful even if after trying … meditation, dream classes, reading all the books to become conscious, watched online videos, saw all the movies on the subject, signed up for classes about it … and still looking for what is missing. In the details of this journey, you learned to trust yourself and leave the distractions behind.

Everybody wants to achieve consciousness, but few understand how to get there.

We said that consciousness is in the details. So, what are the details, how do you find them, and what do you do with them when you do find them? The first thing that keeps you from finding the details is that you normally don’t look deep enough. Instead, you learn some type of phrase or outline and you just accept it as “good enough” and run with it. This is faking it, reasoning, that if you just do that, it will be good enough to get you by.

It’s your ego and your personal bias that prevents you from finding these nuggets of clarity. What your ego can’t accept is that the underlying details are where consciousness resides. It’s in those aha moments that consciousness comes alive inside you.

A good analogy is that you are walking on the beach with a metal detector. You are in search of buried treasure. The operative word is “buried,” so you can’t see it, it’s not lying on the surface just like consciousness is not on the surface staring you in the face.

You must look under the surface, for the details. They are buried.

Once you start digging and the metal detector identifies a target, then you start digging for the details and find your discovery. It could be an old coin, a bottle cap, or a real hidden treasure – these are metaphors for something you discovered hidden in the details. Something that you will be happy you found and treasure for the rest of your life.

Perhaps that old coin on the surface looked like it wasn’t that valuable, then you research its history and find out it’s very valuable. Now, how has your consciousness changed as a result of the process you went through? It was only in searching for the details that allowed this to happen. You may say that all the other times you found old coins they were just old coins, repeats of the past, missing the details – where the meaning resides. The people who lost them didn’t even miss them. Their value was not obvious. It’s in diving through the details of what you find, what you experience, what happened to you that seems odd or out of the ordinary, a dream you had, or something a person said to you that you weren’t expecting – where you will find the importance of the message.

A good way to approach this new level of consciousness is to expect that everything that happens has a hidden meaning. The metal detector of your awareness must always be alert and looking out for what’s possible and right in front of you, just below the surface. Just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there all along. You may have walked down that stretch of beach many times and never found that nugget of gold until you followed that feeling that made you realize where to look and start digging.

This is exactly how your quest for consciousness works.

If you are satisfied with accepting things on a surface level you remain a surface level, unconscious person. Once you start digging and examining and testing and finding out what it is that you truly discovered – this is when a new level of consciousness develops. By honing this process, you will see that every day is an explorative journey of consciousness and you will be amazed at all the treasures of knowledge and clarity hiding right under the surface.


HOW IT WORKS: To achieve consciousness you must attend to what enters your awareness, at the moment that it’s happening. This is how you will get to know who you really are. If you have already obligated every moment of your life away, then being conscious is but a glimmer that only happens occasionally. Consciousness is a journey of new experiences, that you notice unfolding naturally. It’s in constant motion. You just need to identify the details along the way, then move that way. This requires that you remain alert, so you don’t miss those details, and most importantly … you must write those details down or you will continue to remain unconscious most of the time. ~ Linda Deir