Consequences of Your Choices

“Here’s why the consequences of your choices have a negative connotation. 

Why do people tend to procrastinate when it comes to making a decision? Many become frozen in their tracks and unable to decide which way to go, what to do, and why they should or shouldn’t do something. What are they afraid of?

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They are afraid of the consequences. While most people think that consequences are bad or negative, they are not. There are positive consequences to a situation or decision and negative consequences to others. It could be both.

So, why do people focus on negative consequences in their decision making?

It’s a combination of feeling both, guilty and scared. Guilty for something you can’t remember but the essence is still within you, like some kind of karmic payback. Scared of fully living this life based on what this life has given you before. You’ll justify not making a decision by saying things like, “I tried that once and it didn’t work out very well, so I’m reluctant to try it again.” Consequences of Your Choices Whatever consequences you experience to any decision, they are not your fault if you made the best decision you could. As long as you keep your ego in check, expecting consequences, can you live your life fully.

Everything was planned in advance – before you got here.

So, what’s holding you up. Make the best decision you can without worrying about the consequences, otherwise, you will miss your life – the reason you came here. What if the consequences turned out to be great and positive most of the time, would you then be afraid to make a decision? Probably not. So, why dwell on negative consequences before you make up your mind? You can not avoid consequences, even if you don’t make decisions, because life will dish out its consequences for you.”


  • You must stop letting life scare you so much.
  • There are consequences no matter which way you choose.
  • These consequences are all part of both your karmic experiences and lessons.

How It Works: People always wonder what karmic lesson or debt they will need to pay in this life. They start off feeling guilty for something without knowing what it is. Fearful about making a mistake freeze them up. They try to play it safe by not taking any chances. However, this is a fear-based reaction to life. It’s overcompensating which leads to a safe okay life rather than a meaningful one. These people always feel like they are missing out on something, and they are! You are here to overcome the illusive guilt associated with the fear of consequences. ~ Linda Deir

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