Contemplation Builds Character
  • The takeaway from this episode is … how deliberate contemplation will change “what and why” you make decisions.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … the decisions you make will bring you closer to why you are here.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … start your contemplation journey by writing about what you are contemplating every day.


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When you contemplate something based on its true value you do not read any embellishments into it.

Now, without bias or reading anything into it ask yourself, “how does this make me feel?” Contemplation leads to taking a deeper look into what is really going on. Once you can answer how this deliberate observation makes you feel you can then ask yourself, “what do I realize that I didn’t before I contemplated it?”

With deliberate observation comes a realization.

You may realize that this is the greatest thing you ever studied, or you may decide it’s just not worth putting much more time and energy into it. Either way, you didn’t cheat yourself, you gave it the proper attention it needed in order to trigger an awakening, either now, or later.

Once you have the realization you can decide what to do. The action you will take, supporting the belief you hold to be true, will be solid and deliberate. These are the actions that are rooted in confidence and build charisma. It’s the charisma, the whole package, that people see and respect. This charisma is difficult to describe but when you see a charismatic person it needs no explanation. These people have figured something out that they observed, contemplated to arrive at the right decision – your truth

So, how is this different than when you subscribe to biased beliefs? Most beliefs that people cling to with great might have never even been contemplated by them. They were second-hand opinions from other people handed down to you.

People want you to just trust that their beliefs should be yours. They think you shouldn’t question them, after all, they are a higher authority like a parent, teacher, and social status-quos.

Most of the things you are taught in school you memorized. Why? If you back up the process, you will realize it was something you were told was true, without contemplating it or questioning it in any way – you just accepted it as everyone else did. You were taught many of these, so-called facts, that you were instructed to memorize so you could repeat them back. It’s called a test.

People get frantic when the teacher has a pop quiz, an unannounced test. You didn’t even think you had enough time to believe something well enough to repeat it back. That’s not learning.

The educational system is built upon this process. You are told what to think and expect to memorize it and repeat it back. If you are a good memorizer you get a good grade, if not, you get a failing grade. This failing grade makes you feel like a failure – a mindset you took on from the social dogma. This pressured you to stop questioning things early on.

Under these social pressures, you made a decision … If you compromised, then you agreed to memorize things in order to get to the next grade level – just enough to get you by. If you paused to contemplate the situation, then you are thinking for yourself. You are being who you are so you can hear the wisdom from your heart pointing you in the right direction.  

Contemplation is the highest activity of mankind – more precious than money.


  • To begin, find a quiet place once a day for 15-minutes to let yourself contemplate.
  • Document what you contemplated, then write down how it made you feel. 
  • Mental note; Charisma is not something that just shows up one day, it’s the by-product of practicing deliberate contemplation.

HOW IT WORKS: Contemplation happens by thinking things through for yourself, otherwise, you are just guessing. It’s like daydreaming, gazing attentively, marking out a space for observation, stepping outside the confines of just being in this world. You’re in a free place that lets you experience what is happening without assumptions. There is no pressure placed on you when you contemplate. Contemplation is how you figure things out from your inner world; charisma is the magnetism it generates in the outer world. To harness this, apply the journal I wrote, My Journal Writing, to contemplate “who you are and why you are here,” for 15 minutes a day, every day. ~ Linda Deir