Does Intuition Come To You or Through You?


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Does intuition come to you or through you? … we would say both.

Intuition is your inner guidance system, your compass. It comes through you and through others and many other circumstances. It’s like radio frequencies that are always moving through the air. With the right antenna (intuition), you can pick up the signals. Intuitive hits can come not just from us, but from others and circumstances around you.

For example, observing a busy traffic intersection you may get an intuitive hit that tells you to be extra careful or avoid it altogether. This is a situational intuitive hit. Other hits come to you in your dreams, or from hearing certain song lyrics, or a total stranger saying something to you that resonates with you at a higher level. The person was there, not by accident, but by divine happenstance.

When you tell someone you had a feeling or an urge to do something those are intuitive hits coming through you – from us. These are constant reminders, like nudges telling you that you should pay attention to by taking action on what you felt. Your dreams are an amazing way to gain access to this time-sensitive information. Everything that happens in your dreams is important. It’s important enough that we sent you the messages.

It’s a subtle feeling to determine how intuition works when contemplating whether “intuition comes to you or through you.”

You should be writing your dreams down and examining them for their meanings. If you don’t, it’s like getting a letter in the mail that you never opened. Find some good books on dream interpretation and begin to analyze your dreams for their hidden messages. Once you start doing this, you will look forward to remembering your dreams every morning.

Just remember as you go through your day to keep your antenna up and listen for all the whispers that we are sending.


HOW IT WORKS: Humanity is finally ready to accept that something more has always been going on. It’s a higher intelligence, a higher form of accessing information that has always been available. Many are beginning to learn to harness this natural ability. This will be a real game-changer as more people utilize this timely information. This is where each person’s genius resides. It’s an added edge of living a guided life that you are granted access to from a knowingness that is always guiding you. You are not separate, you are one with everything and that’s the basis for how all intuition works. ~ Linda Deir