Doubt Knocks Out Intuition
  • The takeaway from this week’s episode is … you will pay more attention when doubt begins to creep in.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will become more observant of what you doubt.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … question every time you doubt something or someone by writing it down.


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What comes first, fear or doubt?

It’s like the chicken and the egg. When you look at fear it’s fueled by the media, the people around you, and some from yourself.

Fear is more externally triggered than doubt. Doubt is triggered internally by your thoughts. The thoughts you have are based on the beliefs you carry. Anytime someone comes along and threatens your beliefs the first reaction is to defend them and attack. What does that accomplish? He has his beliefs that he is defending, and you have yours. Let’s throw a wrench into the process. What if he is wrong about what he believes? What if you are wrong about yours?

You must start to question everything – everything you hear about, read about, see, and what people tell you. What if it’s not true? What if it was made up for the benefit of societal propaganda purposes to keep you in the dark and fearful? If left unchecked, this doubt that triggers you internally can grow into a feeling that you are not good enough. The doubt derails your life and prevents you from making clear decisions. Doubt is even more damaging than fear because you can many times get away from fear just by changing your environment.

Doubt is an inside job, and that’s why it’s a different matter than fear.

It’s hard to escape doubt. When you look at it under a microscope doubt is the excuse for not listening to the guidance, your intuition, your higher self, or Us. Many people, even when they do listen, still have doubts about the guidance they have been receiving. They postpone acting on it while they think it over – running it through their doubt filters. They say things like, “well, it might be true, but maybe not for me,” or, “It would take such a long time to do that,” or, “It would be too much work.”

So, doubt is the driving source of procrastination in all areas of your life. As you follow the procrastination path you get nowhere. So, what can you do? You must help yourself first. Like the oxygen mask on a plane, you can’t assist anyone else until you first help yourself. Picture yourself putting the oxygen mask on and breathing clearly and fully. The clean clear breath is wiping out all doubt that you have accumulated. Each time you feel doubt slipping in, mentally put that oxygen mask on and breathe. Now, once you have doubt under control look at the guidance we are sending you at face value. Do not read anything into it, just write down the guidance that came through.

If you allow doubt to continue controlling your life you will discover that eventually, it could even evolve into fear.


  • Doubt proceeds fear, so work on what your doubts.
  • What is it that triggers the doubt in you? Write that down.
  • In order to think clearly and eliminate doubt, you must do your mental exercise – of breathing in clean clear air.

HOW IT WORKS: Just like a game of chess, a conquest of taking over control, when doubt knocks out intuition, fear will gain control over your life. Fear becomes something you default into as a result of doubt wearing you down. If you are ready to take your life back so your intuition can start to work, I have three suggestions:

To begin, find a quiet place to do your journal writing for just 15 minutes a day. This practice will produce surprising results quickly. ~ Linda Deir