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Experience the proven Spirit Guide communication system

Linda Deir … LIVE EVENT at Storm Wisdom, 3375 E. Shea Blvd, Phoenix, AZ … 602-334-1204
October 5th, 2019, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

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October 5th, 2019, 1:00-3:00 pm PT… live event at Storm Wisdom

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Testimonial from Jackie Bailey

At this live event, you will experience the proven Spirit Guide communication system that always works! How it has worked for me throughout my life, how it works in your day-to-day life, how it works for the people I have taught, and people who are experiencing this for the first time.

This proven Spirit Guide communication system consists of two components, the “Guided Journal Writing System” and “Ask The Universal Channel.” Together they bridge your line of communication to your Spirit Guides, on command. It’s a mix of spirituality and unexpected psychology.

Once you experience this firsthand you will know that this line of communication is always available to you. It has always been available to you; your Spirit Guides have been waiting for you to be ready. Turning to others for advice will give you opinions, turning to your “Spirit Guides” will give you solutions.

Using “My Journal Writing,” I will guide you through this journal writing process where you answer the 4-qualifying questions. Then, your Spirit Guides will talk directly with you about what it means and how to take the action. 

Each “Online Live Streaming Event” registrant that registers on or before the start time on Oct. 5th, 2019 will automatically be entered into the drawing to win an audiobook version of Linda’s book, How to Live a Guided Life, Book 1, First Steps ($6.95 value that is also transferable). Five winners will be chosen. So, don’t get left out, as seats to attend the Online Live Streaming Event are limited.

“Watching the Live Stream – I enjoyed it so much! It is beautiful and inspirational to see how you and Ray guide the guests through the questions. The “Ask The Universal Channel” sessions with them were great. You are people with both feet on the ground, even better than on the FB lives! I just love that you are just YOU – if you know what I mean.” ~ Watching from the Netherlands

“For over a year, I’ve read all of Linda’s books, had coaching sessions with her, joined her Live! on Facebook, and I’m a Member of her FB Ask The Universal Channel secret Group. I love everything she does. Seeing her live on location took it to a whole new level and was so much more than I expected. Wow, is all I can say.” ~ JH

“I had a physical experience that I never felt before when attending this event. It shifted my energy, showing me to expect anything at Linda’s powerful life-changing spirit guide events.” ~ BM