Fear and Uneasiness
  • The takeaway from this week’s episode is … your feelings of fear and uneasiness are your soul telling you that you have wandered off your path.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … once you realize WHY you feel this way you can get back on your path. Hint: you started out this way.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … you can’t see it when you’re in it, which is why it’s so important to track your steps going forward.


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People are living in unhealthy amounts of fear and uneasiness. You can feel it happening all around you.

What’s different about how you feel about your future and the current state of the world, as opposed to how you felt ten years ago, or when you were a young adult growing up? How has your attitude toward the future changed?

In the past, growing up, you probably had a good feeling about the future. You had a good job, you were making good money, and the world seemed to be abundant, and working in your favor. How has all of that changed? Do you still see hope for your future? Not just economic hope, but relationship hope and a meaningful purpose for your life going forward?

Many people have reacted to world situations over the last ten years by going into fear of all kinds. Will you have a job, make enough money to retire someday, will your health hold up? Why is it that the harder you work, the less you make, and the less you have?

Sometimes people are working multiple jobs and still can’t make ends meet. That just causes more fear and uneasiness.

We will tell you that first, you must get over the fear.

The fear feeds the pain. You did not come here to live a life of fear and uneasiness. That would be self-punishment.

You came here to become bigger than the fears by facing them and growing from them.


  • Investing your time and energy into fear and pain is not your life purpose
  • Many people no longer have a hopeful outlook for their life. Your life is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to. You signed up for these experiences in your before life, before you arrived here. When you remember this, you will realize/remember there is nothing to fear. 
  • Here’s the antidote -invest in yourself and you won’t become fearful.

HOW IT WORKS: Living in fear is debilitating. Fear ruins more lives than any other ailment or disease. Resorting to fear happens when your programming takes over. This programming was instilled in you as a child, which was designed to control you then and now. Question anything that has this much power over you causing you so much pain. It’s usually those closest to you that will keep you in this cycle of fear. You brought them into your adult life before your fear issues were resolved – thereafter they all expect you to remain that person who was so easy to control. That’s a trap of your own doing. Let’s hope you have the courage to step out of your fear and uneasiness, and by example, those closest to you can step out of theirs. ~ Linda Deir