I will be sharing my Journey through FEAR

My Guided Journey series, #1 of 18.

Fear – My journey through fear with Linda Deir.

In My Guided Journey, the companion journal to Guided, Part Two, Page 1. I talk about Fear – I will be sharing my Journey through FEAR…

The FEAR you are feeling is REAL. It keeps you from being who you really are. It prevents you from making clear decisions about your life, so you can live the life you intended to live before you got here.

Once you can identify the FEAR … the DOUBT will be gone, and you will have your life back. So, let’s get started…

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This world is only fearful when we are disconnected.

The biggest vulnerability we have in this life is being disconnected. That’s when we become fearful.

The disconnection and lack of compassion are what scares people into fear – the opposite of love.

Living a fear-based life becomes repetitive and leads to a form of insanity that takes your life over. It festers into a constant feeling of LACK causing you to “chase” things outside of your control like … happiness, money, relationships, a better job, and a passion for living.

FEAR, along with society’s pressures to consume more of everything, powers this perpetual chasing. The inability to have ENOUGH keeps you frustrated, depressed, and FEARING the future even more.

FEAR also leads to addictive behaviors. The “not knowing,” “emptiness,” and “loneliness” you feel are FEAR-driven and can become debilitating. You then look for ways to medicate these situations and feelings with drugs, alcohol, sex, food, and non-stop consumption of stuff. You falsely believe that new things will bring happiness and purpose into your life.

Only when you are not paralyzed by fear can you see beyond it, seeing things and people for what they really are. This clarity is only possible when you are connected.

You see, TRUTH and LOVE are the same things. You know the TRUTH and experience LOVE when you are connected to your Spirit Guides and Angels, receiving their guidance and clarity all the time.

When you don’t think there’s anything else and you feel alone, you experience the worst kind of disconnection. It’s like being frozen and stuck in some kind of limbo.

This is the same feeling that someone who lived a fear-based life feels when they die from this world. The fear keeps them stuck.

This life is about healing the fear while we are still here because it will follow you and continue to limit you. I was shown this in the merry-go-round dream I had for 35 years of my life – that we came here, this time, to heal this limitation once and for all.

In my case, it was life-threatening fear, that I experienced at such a young age, that pushed me through it.

It was just too much. That’s when I made the connection to my Guides and instantly saw what they saw. I saw everything for what it was – the truth. This was the first time I felt loved. I felt like myself.

Here’s what happens the instant that you overcome the fear and have this connection to your own Guides – you will see everything for what it is. This is when Love and Truth come together, and fear loses its power over you.

No more … drama, exaggeration, or hype. The truth is the truth.

The consequence of this awareness and higher way of learning and living followed me throughout my life. I seemed to be the only one who knew this. It was a feeling of disappointment because like everyone else who sugar-coated things, I didn’t, I couldn’t, and that’s what made me an outcast. Once I had this connection, I could not pretend things were different from what they really were. Although this was profound, it went against the established norms. That was sobering.

To have a starting place to overcome your own fear, do something to help someone else. This act of compassion will start to rebuild the connection and love to your own Guides.

Once you see FEAR for what it is – it will feel like you are the only sober person on the planet. You will be operating on a higher level, experiencing things in new ways. You will like who you are!

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