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  • The takeaway from this episode is … when you lose interest in the distractions, you can finally identify your passions.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … hint; your passions for being here include your purpose – your destiny.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … this is the opportunity of a lifetime, so start writing in your journal so you won’t miss this experience.


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NOTE: The “italic text” within this post is channeled from Linda’s Spirit Guides and Angels

Financing your passionswe will be speaking about retiring too early. 

Retirement – all it means is leaving a job that allowed you to meet the obligations you had. At this point, you are relieved of your old obligations so you can follow your passion – your purpose. You finally get the opportunity to live that purpose, the one you felt decades ago before a job got in the way.

To defend it, you might say that you needed that job. After all, that’s why you went to college in the first place, so you could get a good job and make money to support what you thought were your dreams, an ideal life. That’s when you got knocked off your path.

You thought that the job, the money, and the stuff you bought defined who you are. After all, that’s how others judged you, having new cars, nice clothes, vacations, and the big house. Then, you got married and had kids and now had to buy stuff for them as well as yourself. Worn down from it all, you may have even used this as an excuse to buy yourself more things. Buying stuff became a way of rewarding yourself for the little time you had left. The consumption addiction continued to run your life.

Now that you finally get to live your passion, how do you go about financing it?

That’s easy, you sell all the stuff you have accumulated. Get rid of it all. Oh wait, keep a little bit of furniture and a bed for yourself, but most of the other stuff can go. But what if some of it is not even paid for yet? Your priority now is to find your own way out from under that burden so your new life can begin. This is the easy part.

Some people have a lot of money, but no passion … no purpose. These people wake up each day and count their money. They do this by making sure they didn’t lose any overnight, or that someone didn’t steal any of it, or to see if their investments went up or down. They hope to have enough money for when they get sick someday. After all, they’ll need all that money for their care. These people have money, but no purpose. They are already spiritually insolvent because everything they are focused on lacks passion and purpose. They are not living, they are existing.

If you live to count your money instead of your worth to the world, you have already gone spiritually bankrupt.

To avoid this, you must find your passion, which contains your purpose … they are one and the same.

When the urge to do something that heals our broken world becomes stronger than what’s in it for you – the way to finance your passions will find you.


CALL TO ACTION:  Start your Self-Examination

HOW IT WORKS: When are you going to get around to living the life you intended before you got here? The life that contained all those great ideas and passions. How do you get around to financing your purpose? It’s simple, remove the obstacles and the distractions that stand in the way of your destiny. Go back to those early days when you were in sync with your passions. That’s when what you were doing, and learning was more important than the stuff you had. Lighten up and return to that freedom. After you do this, nothing can stand in the way of your purpose for being here. However, beware of how others will judge you because that’s what got you knocked off your path in the first place. ~ Linda Deir




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