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“We believe it’s a good idea to question everything, as this process will lead you to the truth.

You need answers but when asking friends or family for answers they don’t give them to you. Instead, they give you their opinion – their advice – based on their experiences and beliefs.


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You don’t need opinions, you need solutions … the truth.

A good example is relationships. Who do you ask for relationship advice? Do you ask your single friends or the committed couples you know? The first thing you should ask is to ask yourself why they are single or in a committed relationship? 

  • Is your single friend single because they are sad or angry, or is it because they can’t seem to find anyone who loves them or whom they can love? Most likely they have been a serial dater.
  • What about the committed couples you know? Are they together because of financial reasons or security? Where have they compromised in order to have a relationship that looks better on the outside to the public than it really is?

You must also be sure that the people you are asking for advice and opinions have the same values as you. If they don’t, then the advice they do give you will also be biased.

You are seeking the truth. The truth is not always convenient. You may not want to hear the truth when you get it. You may not want to face it.

Do you have some preconceived outcome in mind before you ask for advice? People many times ignore advice that they don’t like. For example, you ask a friend if you should get married or go out with a certain person. Your friend warns you by saying, “Absolutely not.” What do you do? You ignore their advice and do what you had in mind to do in the first place.

The other thing people do when asking for advice is whatever advice they get they ultimately decide emotionally and justify it rationally. That didn’t give them the truth.

The truth you seek is already inside you.

The truth is hidden under things you don’t want to look at or consider. It can hurt or be an inconvenient truth you didn’t expect at that time, yet it’s still the truth and will be the truth tomorrow and next week. The truth doesn’t change, it’s only people’s ability to accept the truth that eventually changes.


  • You don’t want opinions or advice you want solutions, the truth.
  • The truth already resides within you before you ask anyone.
  • The truth comes to you from “us.”   

How It Works: Asking others to tell you the truth will never be your truth. In fact, when you don’t like the answer you get you may even blame them for telling you what they did. You may decide they don’t know you or care about you when in reality, it wasn’t fair to ask anyone to tell you your truth. It’s not that they always give bad advice, just that it’s not your truth. For starters, consider who you are asking for the truth that you are seeking.

From the time I was a kid I found a reliable way to find my truth, it happened by writing in my journal. I wrote my thoughts and questions in my journal and it got so the answers wrote themselves. Where did that come from? In my sincere quest for the truth, I took the right action by writing my thoughts and feelings in my journal, defining what I wanted to know and, like magic, the answers wrote themselves. The first action came from me, the second action came through me – from my Spirit Guides. No one is more qualified to help you find your truth than your Spirit Guides because they know you better than anyone ever will. ~ Linda Deir

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