Finding Your Way Home | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Why did you come here? That’s a question many of you have asked on your quest to find your way home, that distant memory you cannot describe.

You came here to find your way home, back to the love and acceptance, from the “before life” you came from.

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This is an acceptance you crave so much that you are willing to alter your life and lifestyle in order to be accepted by others. All that does is make you more like them until everyone in the group is more alike than different. 

Finding your way home is a void in your life you spend most of the time trying to fill. 

Your journey back to where you came from, you never felt the need to be accepted because you always were, you never gave it a second thought. You came from love without any conditions or judgments and the acceptance was not only abundant it was pure. But on your way to finding your way home, you met many people who made you doubt, not only yourself but also doubt that you could ever feel that good again.

Finding your way home is your connection to the other side. The “before life” you came from and will always long to return to.”

How it works: When you are feeling all these feelings that don’t seem to be important to anyone else but you, you are remembering. You are the one who is tuned-in and closer to the home that you came from. You miss the ones who stayed behind. It’s okay to remember, just don’t let it get you down because you came here to accomplish something very important to your soul and until that’s done you can’t return home complete. When you do this, finding your way home makes leaving here easy. You know you are returning to the real home you came from. ~ Linda Deir

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