First Contact – When you weren’t sure it was THEM
  • The takeaway from this episode is … your life didn’t use to be so hard because of your helpers, they are your Spirit Guides, still here – waiting for you to remember.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … remembering will inspire you – it will awaken you.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … how to get ready for this so you know you are never alone and always being guided. There’s nothing to fear when you know you have real friends in high places.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights






Did you ever get the feeling someone was watching you? 

This was your first contact with your Spirit Guides. You were very young when you first encountered this. You may have thought it was your parents, so you went looking to see where they were.

Could “they” see you? Were they listening or were they watching you? What is it you were inspired to do? Why did it make you feel so uncomfortable? It was too easy.

When you got older you could feel when someone was watching you, but you didn’t know who it was.

Nobody was around you. You could have been anywhere when this feeling showed up, in public or at home alone, when you got the feeling you are being watched. Did you feel paranoid, or did you wonder who that was? As you progressed spiritually these thoughts and feelings of being watched took on a new role.

You’ve heard about Spirit Guides and Angels watching over people and helping them when they were in need. But what if these Spirits are always around you and not only watching over you but waiting for you to be ready to speak with them?

Suppose they have been waiting for you ever since you came into this life? What if there’s more than just a Guardian Angel here to guide you? What if there’s an entire group of Spirit Guides whose job it is to protect you and show you the things that would be beneficial for you to know about and act on? Of course, you have free will and many times won’t listen to what they have to say and not follow their guidance, which is your choice.

How about the times you heard their guidance or received an intuitive message not to do something, but you did it anyway? How did that turn out for you? Did you tell yourself later, “I knew that! I knew it wasn’t going to work.” Well, that was the guidance in the first place, that it wouldn’t work. Your Spirit Guides recommended that you not waste your time attempting it.

It’s these trial-and-error situations in your life where you will hear their guidance. You mostly thought it was coming from you, which made you discount it as wishful thinking or something you didn’t want to hear. After repeatedly doing that, you built up doubt that what you are hearing is really guidance at all. 

So, going forward, how has your outlook on Spirit Guides and Angels changed?

Are you open and willing to hear their guidance and then act upon it in an optimum amount of time? Or will you continue to feel that someone is there watching you and talking to you, but shut them out because you believe you have a better system?


  • When you were young you probably weren’t sure who they were – that was watching you, but you could feel their presence.
  • As you progressed through your life you felt that maybe, just maybe there’s more than one of them out there?
  • Once you accepted the fact that your Spirit Guides were watching over you and sending you guidance, did you take credit for it? If you did, rather than building your communication bridge to them, you will always wonder if your so-called “good luck” will run out. Proof that the ego is fragile.

HOW IT WORKS: In those early days, when I first arrived in this world, I felt “their” presence. I wasn’t sure it was “them,” but I knew something more was going on than just this world. After them showing me so many reasons why I was here, it wasn’t so much about who they were, but what they were showing me. This was my first contact with them. This awareness of them spurred a longing in me for something that wasn’t here in this world.

Because of them, I had answers I couldn’t explain. Little did I know at that time, this was the setup for the higher learning they would provide throughout the rest of my life. Together, we were building our communication style, one that I have been able to rely on and has guided me ever since. Once you make this connection to your own Spirit Guides and document their guidance in your journal, you will stop doubting that “they” are real and stop missing what they are showing you … guiding you! ~ Linda Deir