Focus on a quality YOU and the rest will follow | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“How do you reach this “quality you?”

It’s someone who lives in the present moment with ease. Normally, people set goals and work toward them. They have the idea that if they just keep working in that direction, one day the goal will be accomplished.

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People don’t want to work at something without getting something. They tend to focus on the “getting” part; getting richer, getting slimmer, getting happier. Focusing on ‘getting’ is the wrong intention. You should not focus on getting something, you should focus on becoming something.

Why do you set goals in the first place? It’s to experience something else, not to get something else. Worthwhile goals will motivate you to become the person it takes to achieve them. Therefore, if you are becoming a better person by working on your goals, you should not cheat yourself by setting your goals too low.

What we’re saying is, if you don’t want much you won’t become much.

You need long-term and short-term goals. You need small milestones where you reward yourself for achieving them. You are gradually becoming a better person … a quality you. Your long-term goals are there to help you overcome any setback that your short-term goals may present.

Short-term obstacles often get in the way, but your long-term goals should be powerful enough, important enough, to overcome the setbacks. The key is to remain in the present moment. This will keep you focused, as you consistently work toward your goal. It is the realization of small improvements that the quality you will show itself. Many people are at a crossroads with the economy. They have lost much, including their jobs. They should look long and hard before they take just another job. Find something that your heart connects with so you become a better and happier person along the way.

Along the way to your goal, you must be satisfied with what you are becoming. Don’t start out to get something, start out to become something. Someone who gets to experience the journey – the one you let yourself have.


  • It’s important that you understand not only the purpose of a goal, but how you actually achieve them.
  • Most people put off fully living in the present moment until it’s too late. They put it off until it becomes neglect.
  • People who have a sense of lack can identify all the things that they are lacking in their lives; they lack money, a good relationship, a rewarding job, and the list goes on. By focusing on what you lack you bring more of the same to you. How can you ever become something if all you focus on is lack?   

How It Works: The ‘getting’ part is tied to expectations you have, or see, or have read about. You have been conditioned to want nice clothes, a great car, a perfect mate and more. You can have all these things you want once you become the person it takes to get them. You set goals in order to become the person it takes to achieve them. Your desire to reach your goals becomes the carrot that brings out your hidden talents and a quality you. It will feel like an added bonus, but don’t expect overnight results, after all this is a “quality you” we are talking about! However, you can outline a goal overnight and work toward it gradually. This is how you eventually become the person who is worthy of that goal. Hoping to change or wanting to change are weak strategies. To change – you must change first … changing your habits, or feelings, or thoughts. That can be the most difficult part of trying to achieve your goals. Having goals, along with the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve them is how your “quality you” will emerge. When you’re working at what you love this all becomes effortless. Doing what you love and believe in, is all it takes to become the quality you who lives in the moment with ease. ~ Linda Deir

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