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Linda Deir, a serial entrepreneur, was never formally educated for any of it, she was guided. Guided explains her entire life.

As unconventional as this may sound, it’s always been the norm for Linda. Without any formal training, by age 19 and beyond she became an architectural home designer, general contractor, sub-contractor, businesswoman, real estate broker, Internet Service and Host Provider, multimedia designer, dream interpreter, intuitive medium, coach, publisher, speaker and now, author. Every vocation was accomplished with the timely guidance she received from her Spirit Guide Angels.

Nothing has ever been out of reach for her, all that was required was that she show up, pay attention, and take action. As a result of the child abuse that she escaped from at age 16, it was her spirit guide angels that guided her every step of the way, as she perfected this process.

Business colleagues have asked Linda throughout her life how she became so intuitive, or how she knew when to get in and out of projects and situations at just the right time. Others wondered why she had so much energy and how she could get so much done making everything she achieved look so easy.

Now for the first time ever, in her True Story, GUIDED, Linda reveals exactly how this process works.