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Guided Journey

Guided Journey

A self-directed counseling service of spiritual awakenings and unexpected psychology, so the healing can begin! ~ Linda Deir, Healer/Teacher


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Spiritual Solutions for Mental Wellness


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This “Guided Journey” offers parents, coaches, counselors, teachers, professors, psychologists, friends, and families self-help strategies found nowhere else.

The Guided Journey is a map back to your true self, where you will discover your purpose for being here and how to live it – created by Linda and her Guides.

You have help! … you are never alone and always being guided

They say, “a journey begins with the first step”
but, how do you take the next ones?

Here’s how …

The readers and listeners of my Int’l Award-Winning true story, Guided, always tell me they did not want the book to end …
wanting to learn what Guided teaches.

Guided is not the end,
it’s just the beginning … of your Guided Journey.

Six months before Guided was even published I was guided to start composing the Guided Journey, an eight-year undertaking. I was not aware of this “bigger picture,” of what would become the Guided Journey while I was in it, but my Guides were as they continued to tell me to stay on the path. This is how guidance works. The better you follow the guidance and stay on the path the better the outcome will be. Better than if you had planned it yourself.

This “Guided Journey” is a lifeline that will keep you on your path, not just get you there.

Get connected, Stay connected … to your guidance. ~ Linda Deir


How it works?

The “Guided Journey” offers parents, coaches, counselors, teachers, professors, psychologists, friends, and families self-help strategies found nowhere else.

Who is this Guided Journey for?

This Guided Journey is for those who are seeking real answers – the truth about what’s happening inside you and the world you live in.  It’s for you, your like-minded friends and family, co-workers, and most importantly … the children of the world.

Getting Prepared for the New Reality

Why now?

Taking this Guided Journey will change the way you think and live, aligning you with these unprecedented times. 

Guided Journey Webinar and replays

How does this connection work?

From the beginning, Linda was aware that she was getting help from somewhere … but where? This is how it will feel at the beginning of your journey, as you start “remembering” what your Guides need you to understand about yourself “first,” so they can reach you.

Chapter #1 of Guided, First Contact – The Merry-Go-Round Dream

How to get on the path?

Guided Journey Webinars

How to get on the path – join me for my Guided Journey Webinars. Getting on your path is derived from following your guidance. It’s a subtle but deliberate response to what you feel and know to be true that resonates within you, guiding you to your intended destination with ease. All of this is possible when you are in sync with your Spirit Guides. Most of all it’s fun! The quandary will be that while you’re moving through your life with ease, those who are not on their path are suffering so badly. You will become a source of guidance for them when they reach out to you.

How can this help me?

This Guided Journey awakens you to who you are and why you are here, bringing clarity to your life’s journey.

Linda Deir Training Session

What can I expect to experience?

A self-directed counseling service that brings one epiphany after another. This is the most effective way of learning … the natural learning process that your Guides use to reach you, making the steps you take on your guided journey effortless and fascinating.

Prepping from Within – what you need to know, and do


Benefits of taking this Guided Journey.

The benefits are two-fold; first, you will be experiencing who you really are. The byproduct is … you will feel the connection to your Guides.
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