Habit of Walking Around Looking Down

Guided Journey

  • The takeaway from this episode is … you will be amazed how much time you spend looking down.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … when you stop looking down you can breathe and your Guides can reach you. Breathing is restricted when you are looking down. 
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … take back your present moments by spending 15 minutes a day writing down what you are observing.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights





Do you have a habit of missing things, not seeing things, and not being aware of what’s going on around you?

Why is this? Are there too many things going on? Are there so many distractions that you just want to go hide? It seems that everyone you meet on the street is hiding inside their phone. They are in the habit of spending their entire life walking around looking down. 

Ironically, this habit makes them feel connected, but connected to what? They are not connected to anyone personally only digitally. Many younger people now have difficulty carrying on a conversation in person, feeling awkward and shy, a common reserve of their times. Others are angry about what they look at all day on their phones; on social media, the problems in the world, politics, wars, a bet on their favorite team, anything they want to get lost in is delivered through their phone. This habitual pattern has made people very cautious and tied up in knots. They have established a habit of hiding.

You hardly see anyone walking around looking up.

What happened to looking up at a beautiful sky or clouds, or a sunset or sunrise? People don’t seem to care much about these real-life experiences anymore. They’d prefer to see a picture of a sunset on Instagram. Hence, people are more disconnected from humanity and themselves than ever before. They believe that texting someone or sending them a smiley face is a relationship. Many so-called good friends hardly ever speak to each other on the phone or get together to do something. When they do get together, they spend their time looking down at their phones.

Present moment enemy #1 … your cell phone.

Imagine walking around looking down your entire life? What will that make you? More importantly, what will that habit prevent you from becoming? Will ignoring everyone around you and what’s going on really benefit you in any way.

There’s been a spate of terrorist attacks using vehicles. People driving at high speeds and ramming into a crowd of people. It seems it’s becoming a daily happening somewhere in the world with growing casualties. It’s grown into dozens of people getting killed and even more getting hurt. The people who got mowed over were walking around looking down at their phones, not present in the moment, not even taking the time to look up and around so they could see a speeding vehicle coming their way.

People seem surprised when a vehicle appeared out of nowhere traveling at a high speed and ran into the crowd, or into a building. Even if just one person in the group was aware and in the present moment and being the observer, all the lives could have been saved. But no, no one person seems to be aware and in the present moment.

The lesson here is, walking around looking down makes you an easy target.

Are people’s lives so miserable that they must invent electronic ways to escape from their lives? These electronic distractions have become their new world, their new reality, a reality that even causes severe health reactions if they are denied their use for even a day. It’s gone from a habit to an addiction. When something like this takes over an entire generation or a large portion of the world’s population, it just makes it easier to control everyone. After all, you can put anything you want in front of them on a little screen, and not only will they believe it but forward it to hundreds of their digital friends. This is the easiest way to get the masses thinking alike in a short period of time.

So the next time you catch yourself in the same old habit of walking around looking down, we want you to stop and put your phone away or turn it off for one hour to see what you’re missing.


  • While you are walking around looking down your life is passing you by, so breathe your way back to the present moment.
  • Limit the time you spend on your cell phone because you are missing far more than you are learning by walking around looking down.
  • If you continue with this behavior, you miss the guidance that we are sending to you.  

HOW IT WORKS: These electronic devices have turned people into knots. They are slaves to the demands of technology, while conveniently hiding behind it. While it may make you feel safe it’s actually exposing you more than ever. What you really need is more vacation moments and days away from the demands of technology. Technology used to be a choice, however, now it demands your attention all the time. This is why you are walking around looking down. Make a deliberate effort to take control back by taking a time out from your phone or computer and actually experience a present moment. Start by interacting with people in person. Go for a walk with your pet. Look up instead of looking down and take a deep breath. Do all of this without letting the phone break into your present moment experience. Your Spirit Guides only reside in the present moment, so how can they reach you when you are walking around looking down?  ~ Linda Deir