Healing Starts the Moment You Feel Heard

“Struggling to be heard?

People always complain about the fact that nobody listens to them. Nobody hears you because they are invested in what they will say next. You might talk about something important, but people ignore you by talking over you and/or muting you out.”

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Recall the time that someone willingly listened to your most pressing concerns and observations. Your connection to them is what brought clarity to your life while healing that relentless ache in your soul to be heard. It’s through this connection with someone else that enabled you to figured things out. This is proof that you can’t do this alone no matter how strong you think you are or how well you’ve done in the past.

So, where did this “someone” go?

It ended when you started thinking you didn’t need any help. You didn’t want anyone to know about the problems or the questions you had. You became convinced that it might be a sign of weakness.

Now, there are many things bothering people, especially you.

You wish you had someone to talk to about it. Just being heard is a huge step in any healing process. It allows whatever is bothering you to be brought out into the open. It no longer keeps you stuck when what you are saying becomes real for someone.

Once a person hears another, and if they have empathy and compassion for what that person is saying … the healing has already started. It’s not like the person you talk to has all the answers, they may not have any answers. It’s just that you talked about it with someone else, and got it off your chest, so to speak. Just taking that one step makes you feel better and more connected. In taking this first step you will feel more connected to others and to the universe. The universe consists of a Oneness where everything and everyone is connected through consciousness. If you deny yourself the experience of realizing that everything living on this planet has some level of consciousness, you will remain disconnected.

You must get past your ego telling you that you can figure it out all on your own.

If you were such a good problem solver, then why do you have all the problems you have right now? Practice opening up to others and verbally sharing your concerns with them. Then, do the same for them by listening to them, hearing with an open mind and present heart, hence, allowing them to start their healing process. This is the gift of being present for them. You will find that the two of you will have a new mutual respect for each other and can’t wait for the next time to talk with each other.”


  • Do you have a feeling that as you go through life nobody is hearing you?
  • Do you think that by hearing what others say is an imposition on your time? 
  • Without communication back and forth you will never have your issues resolved.

How It Works: Really hearing what someone has to say has become rare. People are constantly distracted and overwhelmed with things to do. As a result, you may have resorted to speaking louder or repeating yourself. If you are doing either one of these things, it’s because you do not feel you are heard. This is damaging as it distorts who you really are. Repeating yourself becomes a habit and changes how others perceive you. Of course, this behavior is not you, it’s you attempting to be heard by those who aren’t hearing you. 

The price for tolerating this becomes someone even you do not like – YOU!

When you can see the reason you are acting the way you are, only then will you have the power to change it. By that time, you will be ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes to reclaim your true self. The fast track to moving through this is unearthing the root problem, so you can hear yourself. Do this by keeping a journal of your progress and setbacks. This will be the key to feeling heard. Here’s how to get the best out of your journal writing.  ~ Linda Deir

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