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Guided Journey

Healings with Linda

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Photograph Linda Deir took of her Spirit Guide Angel in 1994

Spirit photo 2014©, taken by Linda in 1994. The italic text within the insights is the  channeled guidance from Linda’s Spirit Guide Angels

“We” Are Here When You Are Ready

“The challenges, lessons, and experiences put in front of you in your life are for a reason. You did not come here to smoothly glide through life.

Your awakening is in these events, but only if you are connected. If you are not connected to the source then life happens “to” you. You learn little and blame much in an effort to understand your suffering.

Walk with us as we bring understanding and clarity to your journey. Your life begins to happen “for” you as you stop resisting and start allowing. We are here when you are ready.”

~ Spirit Guide Angels

How it works: No one is more connected to you than your source-connected guides – no one! They know everything about you and why you are here. They are always on your side. However, they will never coddle you or treat you like you are helpless. They see doing that as stifling to the powerful being who came here to express itself in this world. This is what it’s like to “live a guided life.” ~ Linda Deir

From birth, I have always been “Guided” by my Spirit Guide Angels.

Your Guides will help you turn your obstacles around and point you in a clear direction. You will realize that you have help, you are never alone, and always being guided.

“Thank you for this Linda. Everything your Guides say is always so clear. It makes such perfect sense and your weekly postings really keep me motivated and thinking positively. What you are doing really does help people to lift themselves up.” ~ Viv Folan

“Hello Linda, Fantastic insights, very helpful. Thanks for the information to keep me going.” ~ Lindsay

“THANK You, Linda. I love these emails – they are so spot-on. I am glad to see more videos on You Tube!! Keep it up! Linda your caring and sincerity really comes through and Ray’s support!” ~ Best to you, Tom

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