How Different Would Your Life be if you Knew what was Really Going On?
  • The takeaway from this week’s episode is … if you don’t intend to miss your life then you better start asking WHY, right now.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … it’s time (way past time) to start asking questions.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … question everything you thought you knew, even the scary things that you never dared to question before. Most importantly, write this all down!


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The first question that must come into your mind is, “Is there really something else going on?”

From the time you got here, you were only exposed to one thing and that is, what was really going on. As a new person, you had no concept of “what if,” only “why.” Because of the amnesia that you were assigned upon your arrival, you were at the mercy of learning from the people who were already here. Since they forgot who they were when they first arrived they were at the mercy of passing on what learned from their parents to you. 

You didn’t even know why you were being taught what you were or had any basis to compare it to. Even when the things you were being taught didn’t feel right you eventually accepted them.

We have told you before, to live in the world of “what is” is seeing people and things for who and what they are, versus the “what if,” world of desiring things to be different – you must start questioning everything. However, to get to the “what is” world you have to go through the “what ifs.” The key to getting there is in questioning everything.

To start this process of questioning things, you must be observant.

It’s hard to be observant when everyone else is walking around looking down at their control panel, the phone that rules everything they do in their life. People stay glued to their screen looking for their next command, but they don’t think about it this way because they have never questioned it.

Do you ever think that you may be different than all the people around you, all your friends, all your co-workers, but you have never discussed it with anybody?

For you, living in a “what is” world, is how you see yourself …

  • How do you see yourself differently than others? You need to explain it to yourself by writing it down in your journalWrite down how you feel differently from what you observe. Herein you will find the conflict.
  • After you chronicle all the ways you feel different you must ask yourself (by questioning) are you comfortable with how you see yourself differently?
  • Write down what you realized.
  • The next question is, are you willing to do what it takes … take the necessary action to be the person you really are, and express that in the outer world, along with the consequences associated with being your real self? Or, is the societal programming that you have received your entire life, from ago, so strong that it keeps you imprisoned? Your concern with what other people are comfortable with by doing the same thing, isn’t that the justification for normalcy? It only appears normal because few people ever question “what is” really going on. 

We will tell you, that in order to get to your truth you must be silent and question everything. Look at the world from a “what if” point of view. Then ask yourself, “what if” that is wrong? “What if” what I was taught as a child was not even close to right. What if the opposite is the real truth?

So, start questioning by asking yourself, what if that’s wrong?… what if I’m not supposed to do that?… what if what I heard on the TV or in the news is not true?

Every news outlet talks about the same things in the same ways. Why?… did you ever question how that could be? It’s called programming for a reason. People are programmed from the time they arrive.

You were assigned amnesia as soon as you got here, a memory wipe, which made you vulnerable to the programming awaiting you here in this world.

The job most in-demand in the world today are programmers who code. There are never enough coders to program everything and anything you can imagine. The terrifying fact is, that these programmers will be programming the machines that will take over mankind. This can only happen in a society where being programmed is accepted as normal and never questioned.

You must go through the “what ifs” to get to the “what is.”


  • Let’s play a game. Start observing and questioning everything you observe.
  • When, or at what point in your life, did you stop learning the way you did as a baby – as a new person who saw everything for “what it is?”
  • You must realize that nothing in your life will change until you start questioning everything. Ask yourself, “what is” … true in your life?

HOW IT WORKS: You had two strikes against you when you first arrived in this world; the amnesia, which prevented you from having any basis of comparison to think things through for yourself. The second was forgetting  who you were.

Assuming you can start thinking and seeing things for what they are … you must start writing in your journal about the “what ifs,” … questioning what you assumed was right. The Guides always say – they are here when you are ready. This superior intelligence cannot reach you when you are still comfortable in the program, the amnesia, the matrix. Only when you start to inquire within, about these conflicts, can guidance connect with you so you can finally get to the truth about “what is” really going on. Start this inquiring process by asking “why” questions in your journal writing. “Why” questions have no agenda, so you can get to the truth about “what is” really going on a lot sooner. Don’t wait to get to your 3rd 20-year cycle to realize “what is” it that you have been missing. ~ Linda Deir