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How Feeling Heard Will Heal Your Life

Healings with Linda

Feeling heard is a powerful experience that can truly heal your life.

When people understand what you mean and appreciate your point of view, it creates a sense of connection and validation.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of developing communication skills as a passport to feeling heard. We will also discuss the impact of not feeling heard and how to identify and heal the underlying issues. Read on to learn how becoming an effective communicator can transform your relationships and attract positive experiences.


The Impact of Not Feeling Heard – When Not Feeling Heard Takes Its Toll

When we don’t feel heard for an extended period, it can distort our personality and affect our well-being. Have you ever caught yourself talking louder or repeating yourself? These behaviors often arise from the frustration and tension caused by not feeling heard. It puts us on edge and makes us work extra hard to navigate this block. To find a solution, it’s crucial to examine the situations that lead to not feeling heard, the conversations themselves, and the emotions involved. By doing this, we can pinpoint the areas that require healing and determine whether the issue stems from external factors or our own behavior.

Developing Communication Skills – The Key to Feeling Heard

Becoming an effective communicator is the gateway to feeling heard and understood. When we possess strong communication skills, we can effortlessly attract the right people and situations into our lives. Unlike being too loud or too shy, cultivating effective communication allows us to align confidently with our environment. We become skilled at actively listening and focusing on the person speaking to us, fostering an authentic connection. The ability to show genuine interest through body language, asking thoughtful questions, and exchanging common ideas is crucial for building strong connections.

The Connection with Spirit Guides – Listening Skills and Being Heard

Just as developing communication skills is vital for feeling heard in our everyday relationships, it’s equally important in our connection with our Spiritual Guides. Our Guides are continuously communicating with us through telepathy, a universal language. By writing in a journal, we can reignite this communication bridge and deepen our connection with them. In my true story, Guided, I share my personal experience of growing up in a family with limited communication skills. Through telepathic communication with my Guides, I received guidance and understood myself and the world around me better.

Being Available to Hear – Opening Channels of Guidance

To hear our Guides, we must be available and present. It is essential to pay attention and actively listen for their guidance, expecting it to come to us at any time. However, distractions in our lives can prevent us from receiving their messages. Therefore, it is crucial to take moments throughout the day to pause, breathe, and check in with ourselves. By doing this, we heighten our awareness and tune out the noise and distractions. It’s like turning the dial on a radio to find the right frequency – we tune in to our guidance and experience enhanced clarity.

Start your Self-Examination

Remember, feeling heard is a transformative experience that can heal your life. By developing your communication skills and creating an open channel of guidance with your Spiritual Guides, you can attract positive experiences and deepen your connections. Being present, listening actively, and cultivating awareness are key elements to feeling heard not only by others but also by yourself and your Spirit Guides. Embrace the power of communication and experience the healing it can bring to your life. ~ Linda Deir

Healings with Linda

Healings with Linda


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