How Meditation is Different from Living a Guided Life | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer


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How Meditation is Different from Living a Guided Life. Here’s what “The Specialists Guides,” said about this:

First of all, meditation is something you must make time for. It’s a choice whether you meditate or not. Living a guided life is constant without time constraints. Once you are on the path and connected with us, guidance is always going on.

In order to meditate people must set aside time from their busy day. Most don’t have that extra time. They’re constantly running to their job, back home, to the store, picking up the kids, and fixing food for the family. There’s hardly time left to do all the other things necessary in a day like; do the laundry, cleaning, and paying those bills. This non-stop treadmill of a busy life makes it all the more necessary to slow down and meditate. Start simple, just 10 minutes away from your cell phone, the computer, and any distractions. Go to a quiet space in your home, in the woods, or just go sit in your car if you have to. It’s important that you are alone.

How meditation is different from living a guided life is like comparing sleeping to being awake while achieving similar results, except one requires you to stop your life while the other does not.

People say that clearing their minds of the noise or clutter is very difficult when meditating. In fact, when some people slow down, their mind actually speeds up with worry about what happened that day or the day before, what they didn’t get done today, and how will they ever get all that stuff done tomorrow? This is why meditating is so difficult for most people. In fact, most people need to take classes to learn to meditate properly.

There aren’t any classes on how to live a guided life because you are unique. If you had to seek out others in order to find who you are or why you’re here that would defeat the purpose. People mistake living a guided life by following some type of curriculum from a guru, or a religious leader, or joining a movement that’s popular at the time. That is not a guided life, that is time misguided.

In order to realize you are being guided you must:

  1. Get quiet, just like meditation, but once you’re quiet start listening.
  2. Do not put thoughts out of your head on purpose, write those thoughts down.
  3. Write it all down … Are you getting ideas, or messages, or signals, or suggestions, or new ways of looking at your life? How do you feel when these messages come through? These are the messages that we are sending to you as guidance. This is also the time to ask us questions about what’s bothering you, and what you find challenging in your life. Instead of ridding your mind of all thoughts, we encourage you to think and ask. Always write these “thoughts” in your journal or you won’t be able to match up the guidance that came through you from us, with your thoughts. Think of this as a Q and A session you are having with us. 

The ability to multi-task would best describe how living a guided life is different from meditation.


  • Meditation is a structured practice just like yoga.
  • Living a guided life doesn’t take some kind of formal training. All it takes is slowing down, getting quiet, listening then write it all down.
  • Keep a small journal with you all the time and no matter what time of day or night write the ideas that pop into your head, how it felt, what you realized, and the action you intend to take.

HOW IT WORKS: Living a guided life is living in 2 worlds simultaneously, the opposite of meditating, with very similar results. One thing that’s alike is alone time. Quiet time is good, but not necessary to live a guided life. Like when you’re driving your car, taking a shower, doing something you like  – guidance comes through all the time. Living a guided life fits right into the multitasking lifestyle most people live. Living a guided life –  is your life because it’s happening all the time, only now you are aware of it! You are becoming conscious by being aware while interfacing that with your life here. Living a guided life is living in two worlds simultaneously. ~ Linda Deir