Interview Questions - Linda Deir. Linda Deir, author of GUIDED

Interview Questions for Linda Deir


1. How has the connection with your Spirit Guides influenced the choices you have made throughout your personal and professional life?

2. How is the guidance you receive from your Spirit Guides different from the advice that you get in this world?

3. What was your reaction the first time you met your Spirit Guides?

4. What is the biggest problem your book, GUIDED solves?

5. Why did you wait until your 60s to write GUIDED?

6. What’s the most common reaction you receive from the readers of GUIDED. 7.


Make the Connection

by ending the fear … from someone who has lived it, Linda Deir

The End of Fear

  1. Knowing who you are.
  2. Getting over the fear of being who you are.
  3. How to live it.

How It Works

  1. Living in two worlds.
  2. Expect consequences.
  3. You are never alone and always being guided.

Linda Deir