Interview Questions - Linda Deir. Linda Deir, author of GUIDED

Interview Questions – Linda Deir

Interview Questions for Linda Deir


1. How did the writing of your book GUIDED come about?

2. Who are these Spirit Guide Angels and why are they important in our lives?

3. How long have you been communicating with your Spirit Guide Angels?

4. Why do you think these Spirit Guide Angels came to you when they did?

5. In your book: Guided, your spirit guides repeatedly told you that, “Life will get better for you as you get older if you can make it through childhood.” What did that mean?

6. What is the biggest problem that GUIDED solves?

7. What’s the single most important thing readers will learn from your book, GUIDED?

8. You’ve been in contact with your Spirit Guides since before you were 20 months old. Why did it take you so long to write GUIDED?

9. Where can we get your book, GUIDED?


What it means to Be GUIDED

1. What does it mean to Live a Guided Life?

2. What’s the benefit of people listening to their Spirit Guide Angels in the world today?

3. Why do you say now is the best time to start building a relationship with your Spirit Guide Angels?

4. Why does a person who’s already doing well need to build a relationship with their Spirit Guide Angels?

5. When did you first make contact with your Spirit Guide Angels?

6. What do your Spirit Guide Angels look like?

7. Why did your “Spirit Guide Angel” materialize in front of you that day when you had a camera in your hand and took “their” photograph?

8. Once you are able to detect their messages, how do you know when and if you should act on their guidance?

9. Your Spirit Guide Angels are the best life coaches. Explain this?

10. Does everyone have Spirit Guide Angels?

11. How many Spirit Guide Angels do I have?”

12. You obviously have a strong connection to your Spirit Guide Angels. How do you answer those who say, “You had a head start, I could never do that?”


Tell Us About the Spirit Guide Angels in GUIDED

1. Who are the Spirit Guide Angels you talk about in GUIDED?

2. How would you describe everyone else’s Spirit Guide Angels?

3. How are your Guides different from others?


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