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I’m Linda Deir, talking about receiving guidance – it all starts with your dreams …

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Welcome to Live a Guided Life where I’ll show you how my Spirit Guides guide me every day in all aspects of my life.

I will also be sharing their Lessons from GUIDED with you and show you how this loving and clear guidance applies to your own daily life.

It All Starts With Your Dreams

In fact, I had the same dream, every night, sometimes multiple times per night, for the first 35 years of my life! That’s around 20,000 times I had the same exact dream. IMAGINE THAT! A dream that never changed no matter what I did.

This was a life destiny dream that included much more than a message just for me.

Dreams are one of the easiest ways for your Spirit Guides to communicate with you.

With that said, let’s get started



Chapter 1: First Contact

While I became aware of my Spirit Guides at a very young age, I did not always know who they were. I was introduced to them in a remarkable life-destiny dream that set the stage for my entire life. It showed me who I am, why I’m here, and that I am guided. That repetitive dream played out night after night and year after year and is the first memory I have. The dream started around the age of two and continued until my mid-thirties. In all those years it never changed. It showed me my purpose, people’s intentions, and their reactions to “a world to come.” That was also my first contact when I met my old friends…my Spirit Guides.

I call it The Merry-Go-Round Dream.

As the dream persisted, I became more and more determined to understand it. Even at a young age, I knew it was showing me what I was to experience in this lifetime. I saw that people would be reacting negatively to what was really a good thing. I understood I would need to help the ones who could be reached.

From what I experienced in that dream, I realized several things: many or maybe most people were naturally fear-based. They didn’t want things to change and speed up. I was haunted by the challenge of finding a way to reach them. I became aware that that was my job.

The message of that dream was my Spirit Guides showing me how people’s fear turned into pain, and that to get out of pain, they must first get out of fear. It was fear that set it all into motion. The fear stopped the people in the dream from experiencing new things and believing in themselves. My angels showed me in the dream what would become the biggest tragedy of our times. This tragedy is that most people will die having lived fear-based lives.

That dream shocked me into remembering what I knew before I got here and why I was here. I remembered the exciting feeling about how I could do anything once I got here. That’s what it feels like before we get here. It’s like an urge we cannot resist. This urge is so powerful that we are blinded to the reality of actually being here.

This is how it really is before we get here – before we are assigned our amnesia and forget. But I remembered. And remembering is what made me different right from the start. But remembering also put me at risk, and my spirit guides knew that.

I felt like an impostor, when in fact, with my awareness of the greater reality, I knew I was the authentic one.

How could a preschool child learn all this, let alone comprehend it? I knew I had help, but who was it coming from?

It was getting so my curiosity about who was helping me became bigger than the “why.”

I felt disappointed most of the time with regard to other people. It was as if they were living in a different reality, or I was. Little did I know that this relentless longing was the magnet, the beacon that attracted my real friends, those who stayed behind, my life coaches…my Spirit Guides.

In the midst of all of this – the dream and the alone time – I began to see I wasn’t alone; I was being guided by someone.

TIP: This is how it feels in the beginning – when you know that something more is going on, but you can’t put your finger on it yet. Just leave your mind open to what you don’t know. Don’t over-think any of it.

Before that first contact with your Spirit Guides, you will experience many out-of-the-ordinary occurrences.

You will start remembering things and it will feel like déjà vu. You will know things others don’t, and you won’t know why. You may also feel a longing for something that’s missing here.

The key to all this is to not overthink any of it or question yourself.

This is letting you know that your connection to your Spirit Guides is alive and well. It’s the language you came from before you were born and remains the language of your Spirit Guides. Once you learn how their language works, you will be able to detect when they are speaking to you without interrupting it with your thinking, or find yourself taken out of the moment from being surprised when these things do happen. That’s when your Spirit Guides can begin to reach you. ~ Linda Deir

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