It’s Impossible to Navigate the Future Without a Compass | Linda Deir -author, speaker, transition coach, trainer

“Imagine you are in a sailboat on the ocean at night and can’t see anything, not even witch way you are going?

A compass would be a great help, but this instrument of “guidance” was taken away from you over the last few months.

Everybody started 2020 with a plan, a plan they were sure would be better than in 2019. After all, 2020 is “clear vision,” but back on that sailboat … you don’t have a compass or any type of navigation gear, and it’s dark and windy, and the ship is rocking back and forth. This describes 2020 right from the beginning of the year, volatile and uncertain.


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If you can’t see where you’re going how will you get there? … and where is “there?”

What types of actions will you have to take to be sure you’re going the right way? The whole process revolves around fear. Fear that you will make the wrong decision, guessing if you should go this way or that way in the dark? Not having a good sense of direction, fear sets in as the wind blows you around the vast ocean.

To us, addressing fear is the key!

How will you manage the fear around the change that this pandemic brought? We will tell you that nothing will be the same as it was. Everything will be changed or modified so much that it will hardly resemble the old normal from just a few months ago.

Everybody wants to see the old normal come back – it’s gone forever.

The first thing you will need to process is how you feel about being quarantined and isolated and away from the stimulation of the outdoors and other people being around. People are quick to outline what they don’t like about the quarantine and lockdown, but they don’t have a clue about how to get society and the economy back on a track of growth and stability.

If you listen to the news you will hear conflicting stories; it’s safe to go out, lockdown will need to be extended, you have to keep social distancing, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask … wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, go out to the beach … stay away from the beach, stay away from other people. Which one is telling you the truth?

To decide, you would first need to know which side can see the future. That would eliminate just about everyone in your world. We can see what’s coming. We can point you in the right direction to study it for yourself. We won’t show you the answer, that would defeat your part in it … the process of thought, self-realization, and free-will. This is how you will get to know yourself so you can trust yourself no matter what happens in your outer world.”


  • If someone had a picture of the future that person could eliminate much fear.
  • Most people will be disappointed with the forced changes.
  • The ones who enjoy the new future will be the ones who are most flexible and can adapt.

HOW IT WORKS: How well does your inner compass work? The accuracy of this inner compass depends on how well you know yourself and trust yourself, so you pick up on the “guidance” that is always coming through, pointing you in the right direction. To get the most out of the guidance you must learn to acknowledge and accept it the moment it comes through, without resistance, free of fear.

The societal norm is to second-guessing the guidance or waiting to act on it, unfortunately, that will just dilute its effectiveness. This would be a clear sign that you need to learn more about what it takes to know yourself so you can trust yourself. The by-product of this is that you will be present and connected. Fear will have no power over you and your compass will work as intended. ~ Linda Deir