Life Changing Answers Are Waiting for You
  • The takeaway from this episode is … solving problems is easier than you think when you employ the help of your Guides.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will learn how to detect the answer to any question you have.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … to get good at this you must start tracking your progress and failures by using this 4-step process.


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Linda Deir took this photograph of her Spirit Guide Angel when they appeared to her at Christmas time 1994About Linda's Weekly Guided Insights






Many people would like to know how to communicate with their Spirit Guides and Angels to solve problems. 

In the course of everyday life, a person makes many decisions. Sometimes there’s a series of decisions being made quickly about any problem or issue that’s happening. Most of these decisions are made on the fly and people wonder if they could have made a better one.

Communicating with your Source Connected Spirit Guides can be active or passive.

An example of active communication would be when you consciously decide to clear your mind, become calm and become open. In this state of being present people say, “It just came to me while driving somewhere, in the shower, or when waking up?” The reason it came through is that you were able to relax and open the communication channel to us.

Sometimes you have this channel open and don’t even realize it. These are the times when the answer just seems to pop into your head, or you get that gut feeling that you know what to do, or not. This is us speaking to you, through you. Your mind is relaxed and open to a more receptive way of receiving and thinking. Whether you are relaxed, meditating, or daydreaming, these are examples of active types of communication with us.

Passive communication happens while you are sleeping. You are not conscious. It comes in the form of dreams. Many of you cannot remember your dreams, and those who do may be confused about the message. They may dismiss their dreams as just an odd occurrence that happened while they were sleeping. Some people even have the same dream over and over. The dream state is the perfect environment for us to communicate what it is you need to know right now.

Hence, the saying goes, “sleep on it.” You wake up in the morning and magically have the answer to a problem or question. You can train yourself to encourage communication through your dreams in several ways. First, have a clear objective for your problem or question. Focus your thought on a single question, then write it down just before you go to sleep. Writing the question down is the key. Tossing and turning, worrying about your question or dilemma is totally unproductive.

Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up before you get out of bed. If you wake up during the night, write down what has occurred in your dreams thus far. You may have your answer in the morning or it may come to you during the day. You will receive the answer! This is how awareness allows your intuition to work naturally. 

When the answer does come through do not second guess it or let doubt creep in.

Doubt is a way of saying you do not trust yourself or us (your intuition). Therefore, the answer you receive must be written down in your journal immediately. Taking action on that guidance is the critical next step for it to be useful in your life. You were given an answer based on your sincere intention to get the answer.  That’s not to say that you will not encounter a similar problem in the future and have to ask again.

The key, whether you receive active or passive communication, is the ability to clear your mind, master your breathing and let your body relax. Experiment with this by asking simple “why” questions first. Once you can trust the guidance you are receiving, move on to more serious questions. Life-changing answers are waiting for you when you are ready for the truth.


  • When you receive the answer, the next step is to act on that guidance. At first, when you actually act on it, you may surprise yourself, but with practice, you will expect that the right answer is always going to appear, and you become comfortable acting on it.
  • Once you are in the flow of this creative receptive process do not question it as the process will abruptly stop, anchoring you back into the earthly plane by whatever it is that holds you here.
  • The key to acting on your guidance is to trust yourself first. It’s like trusting the bungee cord is the right length so you don’t crash when you jump.   

HOW IT WORKS: There are many ways to open your mind to communication from your Spirit Guides and Angels. A walk in the woods, a hike up a mountain, runners get into a zone. Doing any of these isolates you from the distractions of life. It’s the distractions and noise of life that keep you from getting in touch with your guidance. Relaxation and breathing are key to opening this channel of communication. That is where you will find the life-changing answers that have been waiting for you! ~ Linda Deir