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Linda Deir Transition Coach – Disclaimer and Consent Policy


If you are under 18 years of age you must have consent from a parent or legal guardian prior to Linda Deir performing her services.

By accepting the services of Linda Deir I acknowledge and understand and agree that:

Linda Deir and its associates are not financial advisors, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, therapists, or any other licensed professional advisors.

Linda Deir’s Coaching services are not offered as a replacement or substitute for medical, behavioral health care treatment or financial advice.

Linda Deir’s Coaching services are not offered as a substitute or replacement for any and all physical and mental medical practices.

Linda Deir and its associates disclaim any and all legal and clinical accountability for your health and welfare.

All information provided to Linda Deir will remain strictly confidential. Linda Deir and her associates do not maintain any record of my coaching session information, nor is such information available in its full original form should I want or need Linda Deir and its associates to recall it. Linda Deir will not disclose any information regarding my use of her services without my prior consent, unless by legal order of a Court of competent jurisdiction.

Linda Deir and her associates do not claim or represent that they will successfully cure or remedy any physical or behavioral health care problems and offer no diagnosis, treatment or cure for any disease or disorder.

Linda Deir and her associates disclaim any prior knowledge of your information and make no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, relevancy, or quality of the information.

That any and all information provided by Linda Deir or her associates is subject to my own interpretation and I am free to use and act upon such information in the manner I best determine. Linda Deir and its associates make no recommendations as to the use or manner in which I act upon the information, or not. The information is provided solely for my own use. Therefore, I hereby hold Linda Deir and her associates harmless and waive any and all rights to make claim against Linda Deir and her associates for any reason whatsoever.