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Linda Deir Transition Coach – Privacy Policy


Multiple Clients in the same coaching session do not apply to this Privacy Policy, due to the open forum

Channeled Readings, LLC, the parent company for Linda Deir and their associates, act only as intermediaries to provide information channeled through from your Spirit Guide Angels and help you understand that information.

All information provided to Linda Deir and her associates through you and your guidance, or Linda Deir or her associates will remain strictly confidential. Linda Deir and her associates do not maintain any record of your coaching session information, nor is such information available in its full original form should you want or need Linda Deir and her associates to recall it. Linda Deir will not disclose any information regarding your use of its services without your express consent, unless by legal order of a Court of competent jurisdiction.

The FREE audio and video recordings of your coaching session are retained by our service provider, ZOOM on their website for your access and download privileges for 30 days after your coaching session was performed. Thereafter, the files are automatically deleted.