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 Life will get better for you as you get older if you can make it through childhood.” A prophecy my Spirit Guides and Angels warned me about throughout childhood, which turned out to be chillingly true …

Linda's diary, In the beginning - Guided, by Linda Deir

Diary Entry - 1954 ... It all started with the Merry-Go-Round dream
GUIDED, by Linda Deir...Renaissance cathedral dome Linda's saw in her dream

In the dream, I’m about seven years old, and riding on a merry-go-round that is mounted to the top of the inside of a gold-domed ceiling painted in renaissance designs like a cathedral. It was a centuries-old, rich architectural masterpiece.

Dear Diary … While I became aware of my Spirit Guides and Angels at a very young age, I did not always know who “they” were. I was introduced to them in a remarkable life-destiny dream that set the stage for my entire life, what I call the Merry-Go-Round dream. It showed me who I am, why I’m here, and that I am guided.

That repetitive dream played out night after night and year after year and is the first memory I have. The dream started around the age of two and continued until my mid-thirties. In all those years it never changed.

Merry-Go-Round in GUIDED, by Linda Deir

 In this dream, the merry-go-round was mounted to the top of the dome. I am about 75-to-100 feet above the floor riding this merry-go-round, holding on single-handedly while leaning back in total joy as the merry-go-round speeds up, going faster and faster until I feel like I’m flying. Spinning around on this merry-go-round came to a crescendo when I looked at the other riders. They were paralyzed in fear. They were missing the point. Their perception of what was going on shocked me.

It showed me my purpose, people’s intentions, and their reactions to a world to come. That was also my first contact when I met my old friends…my Spirit Guides and Angels.


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Diary Entry - April 1954 ... I ran away from home at 20 months old when I ran out of options
Linda Just Before She Discovered Her Spirit Guide Angels who saved her from an abusive mother

Linda, just before she discovered her Spirit Guides and Angels who saved her from an abusive mother.

Dear Diary … It’s four months before my 2nd birthday, and today started out just like yesterday and the day before that. My daddy left for his construction job before sunrise. I woke up and went out to the kitchen for breakfast. I had Frosted Flakes, my favorite. It’s a good thing someone left the box where I could reach it. Then when my mom woke up she began her day by yelling at me and then the hitting would start for reasons I couldn’t understand. Every day was the same predictable scenario, which made me more confused and scared.

Map of my desperate baby-steps onto the express way looking for my dad

Linda’s “runaway baby” Route: The highlighted streets from my house at 4125 23rd Street shows where she went (1/2 mile) before the police came up from behind her and picked her up and put her in the police car.

Then, one day when the screaming started and I knew what was coming next, I did the only thing I could think of to get away from her; I ran out the back door and over to the gate where our dog used to get out. Like the dog, I shook the gate as fast as I could until the latch opened and I ran away from home. I knew if I could find my daddy he would save me from her.

I never made it. Two police officers found me a half-mile from home wearing a diaper and a shirt, my bare feet bleeding, running down the median of a busy Sutterville Road expressway. They asked me, “Where are you going little girl?” I responded, “I’m going to find my daddy, something’s wrong with mommy. “Then they asked me to show them where I lived, but I wouldn’t because I didn’t want to go back there. After bribing me with candy, I pointed out turn-by-turn, how to get back to my house. My mom answered the door with an astonished look on her face.

My mother pretended she was concerned about me being gone and convinced the officers I was in good hands, so they left. Then she dragged me inside and beat me unconscious. Later, I woke up on the floor in a puddle of water, unable to walk. Soaking wet, I was shocked and shivering uncontrollably to find myself right back in that hopeless situation. As I can only imagine it now, my mother must have thrown a bucket of water on me to revive me.

Photo that Linda took of her Spirit Guide Angel in 1994

Here’s what Linda saw when she first met her Spirit Guides and Angels. (click photo to enlarge)

Completely out of options – I asked out loud for help. Still shivering and panicking I looked up and saw that I was surrounded by what looked like beautiful beings of light, the same as the one on the front cover of my book, GUIDED. There must have been 15 of them in a circle around me. They were calmly observing me. They were not worried about me and they did not see me as a helpless baby.

What happened next would transform me forever. The instant I looked up at them I saw what they saw in me. The panic stopped. I remembered them from where I came from. What I now knew and remembered was so clear and rapid that it was like a life review, about my life before I got here, where I came from. I remembered everything, I knew what they knew. Their radiance and telepathic communication blew the doors wide open for me. My life would never the same again.

Although I had this revelation and a newfound connection to my real family from before this lifetime, that also brought on a new kind of pain – a longing to be released from the chokehold of this dysfunctional family. I wanted to be with all of them again – the way it was before I got here, just 20 months earlier. This longing and remembering was the beacon that kept me connected to them throughout my life.

People tell me they can’t remember what happened in their life because they were so traumatized. I was traumatized and I remember everything. I remember because of what I saw when I encountered my Spirit Guide Angels at 20 months old and instantly saw myself through their eyes. Through them, I saw what they saw. It was nothing like what’s going on here in this world. It was intelligent, clear, warm and safe. It was like I never left home, where I came from. In an instant, I knew everything. I knew what they knew and what they knew about me and why I was here. It was rooted in pure intelligence and love. The take away that day was, “This life is not all there is.”

After this encounter, there was never any going back to believing that this is all there is, letting this life feel so real that it becomes paralyzing. From that moment forward, and for the rest of my life, it prevented me from being inclined to believe things that aren’t true or be intimidated by fear. It kept me from fooling myself just to fit in. This allowed me to know and trust myself. I knew I wasn’t alone. I had the most real and trusted friends with me every step of the way, my Spirit Guide and Angels.

Despite this bad start, it turned out to be a life-changing day for baby Linda.

GUIDED – the true story of a little girl whose life was saved by her Spirit Guide Guardian Angels


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Diary Entry - summer 1955 ... torment brings my Spirit Guides into focus

Dear Diary … It’s two months before my 3rd birthday and my mom has instituted a new form of punishment for me. Each morning as soon as I wake up she orders me to go out on the glider in the backyard where she makes me stay all day. She won’t let me go to the bathroom, or eat or drink anything. I cry and struggle as I get over-heated from the intense sun beating down on me.

The glider where Linda spent weeks baking in the sun due to her mother's punishment

The glider where Linda spent weeks baking in the sun due to her mother’s punishment. (click photo to enlarge)

Just before my dad is due to get home from work she tells me to come in and clean up so he doesn’t find out what she is doing to me. This torment goes on for weeks. Eventually, I stop fighting it and when I wake up each morning I walk out to the glider on my own, even before my mother wakes up. This makes it easier to tolerate the hottest part of the day, although it was never easy. I so glad for the weekends when getting a break from my mother’s punishment because my dad was home from work.

Without a word, Monday morning it started all over again. I would cry to myself most of the day as I asked out loud for help from my elusive friends. After a while, in order to deal with it, I would just lie down on the floorboards of the glider in an attempt to shelter myself from the full intensity of the sun. I would sleep there most of the day. Then something happened. Once I stopped fighting it, my prison became a peaceful place for me. Being left alone was no longer such a trial.

Lying on the floorboards and sleeping shifted me into a different space where there was no more suffering. The pain was gone and something else was going on that felt very familiar and comforting. I began to sense I wasn’t alone; “they” were there with me all the time. That’s when my Spirit Guides came into focus. I realize they had been with me the whole time. I didn’t know it because I was so invested in panicking and crying that they couldn’t break through my pain. Once this happened, my mom deduced that I had adapted and it was no longer an effective punishment, so she stopped it.

My life-coach therapy refuge. This is where I learned to communicate with my Spirit Guide Angels.

The sandbox was my life-coach therapy refuge. This is where I learned to communicate with my Spirit Guides and Angels, where my lifelong communication bond with them started.

By this time, I was so accustomed to spending the entire day in the backyard that, as soon as I woke up, I would go out to play in the sandbox. I did this to get away from my mom. During these lengthy stays in the sandbox, I learned to converse with whoever cared to listen as I talked and cried and played in their presence. Turns out I had many listeners.

Photo that Linda took of her Spirit Guide Angel in 1994

Linda’s develops an interactive 2-way communication with her Spirit Guides and Angels. (click photo to enlarge)

The time on the glider was the incubation period that brought my Spirit Guides into focus. That sandbox turned out to be my self-help therapy refuge – where I received my early life coach training from my Spirit Guides and Angels. We developed a powerful communication bond. I used that sacred place in the sandbox to express myself freely with them. This is where I discovered my most important lessons. I was learning who they were and more about myself.

To me, nothing beat playing in the sandbox with my best friends.


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Diary Entry - 1955 ... The prophesy

Dear Diary … This is the prediction and warning my Spirit Guides and Angels told me from the beginning of my life. They continued to send me this warning throughout my childhood, “Life will get better for you as you get older if you can make it through childhood.”

Photograph Linda Deir captured of her Spirit Guide Angel in 1994 (click photo to enlarge)

Their warning to Linda

Even with all the odds against me, these words were an inspiration for me when they first came through right after I first saw them in 1954, even though, later on, I would realize they were also words of warning. These words gave me the hope I needed early in my life every time things happened in the family that became overwhelming. My communication bond with them was vital to my survival.


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Diary Entry - 1955-56 ... raised by Spirit Guides
The house I grew up in and where all of this happen

The house I grew up in and where all of this happened

Dear Diary … Over the next year, I built a powerful connection to those I had come to know from some other place. I would not ever attempt to explain or tell anyone about them. As these listeners came closer to me, they kept me from panicking about the family I found myself trapped in. I spent more time with them than I did with anyone in the physical world. They were always steady and truthful and conversing with me like an adult. They always knew what I needed, even when I didn’t.

Because of the rapport I had established with these intelligent Guides, I saw my family from a different perspective, and they stopped feeling like a threat to me. With my Spirit Guides and Angels as my real family, I was less dependent on my physical family and could sidestep the emotional and physical abuse my mother aimed at me.

I realized I was being raised by Spirit Guides, and because of them, everything made sense. More importantly, I made sense!

GUIDED Press FaviconLEARNING from my Spirit Guides: You’ve heard the saying, “Integrity is doing the right things even when no one is watching.” This is how you live your life when you have the life-coach training from your spirit guides. In the above case, it didn’t matter how I was perceived, or what others did with my behavior. What mattered was that I stayed true to myself. This is what you can expect for yourself from the life-coach training you will receive from your own spirit guides.


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Diary Entry - 1956 ... my dad had it staring him right in the face and he looked the other way

Dear Diary … Even though there were incidents where my mom recognized something important was going on with me and didn’t punish me, she still beat me for other things so many times I can’t begin to count them. It all turned into a blur. The thing that was consistent was her saying, “You are going to do what I say or else!” One time she took me in the bedroom when my dad was home and beat me so badly that I couldn’t walk. I crawled out into the living room and begged my dad to make her stop, but he turned his head the other way as my mother dragged me back into the bedroom and beat me even more.

Linda's dad in the forefront

Linda’s dad is the man in the forefront and her Uncle Charlie behind him (click photo to enlarge)

This was astounding. I knew my father loved me, but he simply was not seeing what was going on with my mother. Seeing my dad turn away from me broke my heart and was a turning point that drew me even closer to my true protectors – my guides. Later in my life, I came to realize that this was my dad’s way of protecting me from even worse abuse from my mother. Had he interfered he knew that my mother would have been far more abusive than she already was. That would be hard to imagine, even now.

Even so, I became aware that I was in deeper trouble than I ever imagined. I realized that my mother could kill me, and no one would stop her. As she continued to beat me, I flipped a switch and stopped struggling or crying. I am not sure how I did it; I just mentally left that hostile situation.


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Diary Entry - summer 1956 ... out-of-body experiments
Linda's bedroom - where she first experimented going out-of-body

Linda’s bedroom – where she first experimented going out-of-body

Dear Diary … At about the age of four, I developed a sort of game. I would lie in bed on my back, lick the ends of my spring-loaded rubber darts and shoot them onto the smooth ceiling. They would stick to the ceiling, but once they dried, they would fall back down on top of me. Then one day, I decided to shoot one and before it could fall back down on top of me, I went up to the ceiling and retrieved it.

I shot a dart, it stuck, and I went up to it. I actually did it on my first attempt. I didn’t fly up there, of course, but I was at the ceiling. Little did I realize that I was going out of my body to do it.

I would always make sure that my bedroom door was closed before I did it again because I knew I did not want to be caught off guard when I was experimenting this way. I did it over and over again until at one point, I decided to look back down at my body lying on the bed while I was at the ceiling. It surprised me so much that it landed me back in my body so hard my head hurt. At that point, I realized I was missing something. How could I be both here and there at the same time?

Puzzled, I went to sleep and got my answer in a dream. My Spirit Guides and Angels told me…


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Linda's diary, School Exposes Me - Guided, by Linda Deir

Diary Entry - Kindergarten ... I realized how different I was
Linda is on the front row, bottom right. 5 years old, kindergarten class picture

Linda is on the front row, bottom right. 5 years old, kindergarten class picture

Dear Diary … From all my “otherworldly” experiences and learnings, in kindergarten, I realized just how different I was. Until then, I was just secretly holding my ground, as I was learning even more about myself with the loving support of my Spirit Guides and Angels. It was because of them that I had such a strong sense of myself early in my life.

GUIDED Press FaviconLEARNING from my Spirit Guides: Getting to know who you are is the most important thing you can do. Without that, you will never find your place in this life. You’ve seen people who don’t do that; they are fear-based, always floundering and needing to be told what to do. They need constant validation. When you are learning from your guides, getting to know who you are is the strongest part of their curriculum.


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Diary Entry - 1st grade ... the bullies come out in full force
Hollywood Park Elementary School

Linda’s school, Hollywood Park Elementary School

Dear Diary … My first experience with how things worked in society came in the first grade. The kids in my class had already learned to play peer-pressure politics in kindergarten and had picked the friends who would best serve them in that. They were well into the process of becoming experienced manipulators.

One of the most effective methods of asserting control they had learned was bullying, and in the first grade the bullies were out in full force. It all came as a shock to me. I may not have liked school up until then, but I really didn’t want to be there when I saw that.

I began to experience what it was like being at odds with both the teachers and the bullies. I was tolerating it acceptably well until I saw what the mean kids did to the other kids who were outside their group. That was not okay with me, and I started to stick up for the underdogs. It began with warning the bullies not to pick on the other kids. That didn’t go over so well, so my fighting career began.

GUIDED Press FaviconTIP from my Spirit Guides: Never let a bully slide. The sooner a bully is confronted, the faster you put him or her out of commission. Schoolyard bullies are a festering sickness in our society because they grow up to be monsters.


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Diary Entry - 6 years old ... my friends of choice

Dear Diary … As time went on, much to my surprise I discovered that I actually did fit in after all. The school and neighborhood I grew up in were mostly African-American with a fair number of Latinos. Next came the Asians and Caucasians who were always in the minority. I’m Caucasian, but I found I fit in best with the African-American kids. It was the late 1950s, and my African-American friends liked and disliked the same things I did.

By the end of the first grade, I had adjusted pretty well to school. I had friends who saw things a lot like me. I had become used to getting kicked out of school, sometimes weekly when I got into the fights and beat up yet another bully. Most of the teachers didn’t like me and I didn’t like them. For my money, they didn’t deserve to be liked or respected when they treated the kids the way they did.

GUIDED Press FaviconTIP from my Spirit Guides: Since your guides always show you everything for what it is – the truth – what works for you may not fit society’s idea of what’s acceptable. That doesn’t mean it’s not right for you; maybe society is wrong. They certainly were wrong in my case when I, a white kid, chose African-American kids as my friends of choice.


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Diary Entry - my journal writing starts at 7 years old

Linda's childhood Journal Writing

Dear Diary …Writing and drawing in my journal throughout my life has helped me understand what’s really going on when living in two worlds simultaneously. As a child, I knew the reaction it would have caused had I told anyone. This made it easy to keep it to myself. Journal writing was my only outlet. It turned out to be especially helpful when I could look back at what I wrote, weeks, months, and even years later. I was journaling about the unconventional things, that appeared to only be happening in my life, and what I was learning from all of it. This turned out to be more valuable than I could have ever imagined. It also helped me keep it all together, mentally and emotionally, so I knew I wasn’t losing it. Doing this, spared me from having to explain any of it, which would have only distracted me from this higher learning. Despite the constant barrage of drama going on all of the time, I was having fun in my private world where Spirit Guides and Angels and I interacted. To everyone else, I appeared odd because what everyone here was doing could not hold my interest.

GUIDED Press FaviconTIP from my Spirit Guides: People you live with may think you are losing your mind as you pursue a relationship with your guides. It’s a juggling act that you will need to learn to live in 2 worlds. The best advice I can give you is to keep a journal with dates of your encounters with your guides and your dreams. Doing this will be invaluable as it keeps you on a solid path to self-discovery.



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Diary Entry - 7 years old ... my bully mother and her accomplice son
My bully mother at age 27 with her 11 year old accomplice son, Randy

My bully mother at age 27 with her accomplice bully son, Randy at age 11 (click photo to enlarge)

Dear Diary … My older brother, Randy, and Mom were constantly calling me names and ridiculing me. As a ritual, my mom would make me stand on the kitchen table and instruct each family member to take turns at saying hateful things to me. This was designed to make me feel like I had no value and to convince me that no one in the family wanted me around.

1960 Linda seven years old, Guided, by Linda Deir

Linda at 7 years old. The pressure was building up. (click photo to enlarge)

In response, I moved into a somber demeanor to deflect their assaults. My mother made them all tell me I was stupid and ugly. My mother started calling me her “Ugly Duckling.” That exercise in demeaning me became an undeclared battle of the wills between my mother and me.

Around the time, my mother instituted that mental abuse, I started sleepwalking. Once it began, I did it all the time. Even in my sleep, I was escaping that dysfunctional family.


GUIDED Press FaviconLEARNING from my Spirit Guides: Under such abusive conditions, going into fight-or-flight mode is a natural response. It becomes survival. Being guided when suffering like this will bring you very close to your guides. So, while you are being depleted in one area of your life, you are being blessed in another. You are never alone as you walk through this life – never!



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Diary Entry - 8 Years Old ... Mom fawns over Randy's every pleasure
Linda Deir's mom & Randy Christmas 1959 - Guided, by Linda Deir

Mom and Randy Christmas 1959 (click photo to enlarge)

Dear Diary … It’s Christmas 1959 and, like always, mom fawns over Randy’s every pleasure.  Like I said in my book, GUIDED, my older brother Randy didn’t look or act like my younger brother Larry, or me. Mom always made it clear she didn’t like us, favored Randy, and we had no value to her.

This was the same year that my mother went to the principal of my school demanding that they hold me back a grade. They told my mother that wasn’t necessary, that my grades were more than satisfactory, but she insisted. So I ended up repeating the third grade. Mom’s explanation to me was that I would learn what it felt like to be humiliated when I returned to school in the fall.

She never stopped looking for ways to defeat me. This was how I came to realize I could never accept defeat, not from my mother or anyone else.

My mother was the ultimate bully, picking on her daughter who no one in this life defended. Looking back, I am sure it was this relentless bullying from my mother that caused me to be so reactive at school when I saw kids getting bullied. Although I could not stop my mother from bullying me, I did have the power to stop it at school.

GUIDED Press FaviconTIP from my Spirit Guides: Overcoming things like ostracism and humiliation will make you wiser and clearer. Learning to do this is a skill you will use throughout your life. It can only happen when you observe and don’t take things personally. You are never alone, your guides are there to help and believe in you.


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Diary Entry - 10 Years Old ... Scorned by Randy, my bully brother
Linda Shielding Herself From A Sibling’s Scorn, GUIDED, by Linda Deir (click photo to enlarge)

Linda shielding herself from a sibling’s scorn, Randy. I’m looking at my mother taking this picture. (click photo to enlarge)

Dear Diary … This is my older brother, Randy. Like mom, he looks down on me and my younger brother, Larry with disdain and scorn. Just like mom, he treated us like we’re intruders his life. Randy and my mom had some special pact that excludes and even condemns everyone else, especially me and Larry.

You can see his superior attitude in this photograph. What’s really disturbing is that he really does see us as inferior, like we have no value, which is how he was taught to see us by our mother.

Here’s how the family lined up: Randy had Mom, I had my Spirit Guides and Angels and Dad, and Larry had me. That dynamic never changed.

This picture was taken at the Yosemite geysers. You can see them boiling behind us, which is prophetic of my life coming to a boiling point two years later.

GUIDED Press FaviconLEARNING from my Spirit Guides: Family is not an accident of birth. You actually picked your family before you were born to help you deal with your own shortcomings and provide you with the opportunities you need to learn. In my case, the family I picked made life so unbearable, that I was able to break through to the other side and gain full access to my real family – my guides.   Don’t expect your earth family to fulfill the meaning of your life.


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Diary Entry - 1962 ... Can you guess who was not the abused child in this photograph?

Dear Diary … Here we all are … smiling Randy front and center, Larry to the left, Linda to the right. We are on a family weekend trip. Mom took the photograph. Not only is Randy the only happy one in the picture he is also the only one who is well dressed … mom’s pick of the litter. He’s so happy and confident.

Larry looks bewildered and in a protective stance, dressed just like he was treated – worthless and of no importance.

I (on the lower right) look numb. I can hardly take another day of this. From this photograph, I would say that I’m the most miserable. 

Two of the three children in this photograph were abused. Can you guess which one wasn't? - Guided, by Linda Deir

Two of the three children in this photograph suffered child abuse. Can you guess which one didn’t?  Linda, 10 years old on the right with her brothers. (click photo to enlarge)

That’s because my Spirit Guides and Angels always showed me everything for “what it was” no matter how unpleasant. At this point being in this family had become very unpleasant for me.

Find out how the tables turned in just 9 years…

GUIDED Press FaviconTIP from my Spirit Guides: In spite of how difficult or dangerous your environment is, it doesn’t help to panic. This is when your guides become critical to your well-being and sometimes survival. Lean on them; that’s why they’re there


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Diary Entry - 11 Years Old ... The prediction/warning my guides told me many times plays out
Linda, at 11 years old. Can you detect how she's feeling, leading up to what's coming?

Linda, at 11 years old. Can you detect how she’s feeling, leading up to what’s coming? (click photo to enlarge)

Dear Diary … Here I am lost in thought and tired of the non-stop abuse, it had taken its toll. After 11 years with no one to reach out to, in this world, the incentive for staying was diminishing.

Eventually, I managed to reach the sixth grade and the completion of grade school. Up until now, school-life had been literally one fight after another, in one form or another. It was at the start of the sixth grade that I secretly decided to see if I could get straight A’s. After all, it’s the sixth grade that demonstrates how much a student has learned in all the previous years. This was my own personal test, and I passed it with flying colors: I got an A in every subject.

Once I accomplished that and had proved to myself I was keeping things together, I returned to being totally bored with school. I understood what it took to get straight A’s and that it was not hard. I just wanted to spend that energy on something that really intrigued me, like the things I learned from my Spirit Guides and Angels, not just on test scores.

My family situation got so much harder to live in as the years went by. Aside from the support from my Spirit Guides and Angels, there was no one in this world to turn to who could help or get me out of that family situation.

Cope - Something Linda could no longer do: Guided, by Linda Deir

Just as my guides warned me, I almost didn’t make it through childhood.

Just before I hit puberty my mother’s Gestapo tactics went too far. I was completely out of energy to fight her off anymore. I attempted suicide. My mother was taking some sort of pills called Cope, and coping was not something I could do any longer. So I swallowed all the pills one day in the school bathroom where I was alone. That’s where someone found me lying unconscious on the floor.

GUIDED Press FaviconTIP from my Spirit Guides: Your spirit guides know everything about the life you entered when you first came here. It’s like a movie that’s playing out. In my case, they saw that this moment in time could be where my life could be cut short because the obstacles were so great. It was my guides‘ job to see that I made it past that milestone. They had their hands full. When you do things to leave this world and they insist on keeping you here, you know that your life has a higher purpose.


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Diary Entry - 13 Years Old ... my first job
Linda's modeling career cut short when her mother stopped it for no reason

My modeling career. The first time I felt good about myself and my value in this world.

Dear Diary … When I was 13 years old, a high-end department store, Lawerance’s, asked me to model for their Bobby Brooks line of clothing. That was my first job, and I loved it! They liked my modeling work, and they provided training on how to walk and properly exhibit the clothes. It was great; I was making some money, got my school clothes for free, and felt good about myself. Naturally, it was too good to last.

Out of nowhere, my mom stopped it all. She told the store that I would not be able to do it anymore, and that was the end of it. I still don’t know why she did that because it was very lucrative and I was feeling so good about myself. Oh, wait…I was having success and feeling good about myself. That would explain it.

Long ago I realized that something was wrong with my mother. I didn’t hate her, but I did realize she was dangerous. What I didn’t understand at that time was she was never going to change her ways. She was more damaged than I thought.

GUIDED Press FaviconTIP from my Spirit Guides: The worst thing about someone taking something away from you is when they won’t tell you why they did it. It’s because they aren’t playing fair. At least you got to experience and learn from it. It’s all about the experience and not dwelling on what could have been, especially when you have no control over it. Take the good stuff, leave the rest, and keep walking.


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Linda's diary, Life After Childhood - GUIDED, by Linda Deir

Diary Entry - 15 Years Old ... making plans to get out!
Linda on the phone with Alex, making plans to get out

Linda on the phone with Alex, making plans to get out (click to enlarge)

Dear Diary … Near the end of my freshman year, I meet a boy named Alex Smith. He was a “bad boy” and had a reputation in school for minor run-ins with the law. I saw him as someone who knew how to get things done. He liked having money to get what he needed and wanted, and he knew how to get it.

He was physically abused so badly as a young child by his alcoholic mother that he was cross-eyed before the age of five as the result of her having hit him in the head with beer bottles. Somehow he got the medical attention he needed to correct his eyes sometime around the age of eight, but he started school with that stigma, which only added to his shame. Crossed eyes are symbolic of not wanting to see what’s out there. In his case, he didn’t want to see his alcoholic parents and the dismal world he grew up in. I could relate to him and how his childhood experiences made him different, sort of like mine did to me.

In the summer of 1968, when I turned 16, I decided to make the break from my family. By October, I was pregnant. I can’t say that this was an accident because I was really desperate to get on with my life no matter what the consequences were.

We intended to get married. When I realized my parents were going to go along with our plans, I felt like I had been released from some sort of prison. I was so excited to get out of there that it took everything I had to cover it up. I knew I had to hide my real feelings because my mother would have changed her mind if she saw how excited I really was.

GUIDED Press FaviconLEARNING from my Spirit Guides: There are times when taking a risk doesn’t feel like one. That’s because you are living a bigger risk than the risk you are taking. Fear of people’s opinions and reactions have no place here. If you allow any of that to determine your fate, you will wind up living a life of compromise.


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Diary Entry - 19 Years Old ... life changing message from my guides
Linda, 2 weeks from age 19 - daughter Cindy's 2nd birthday

Linda, 2 weeks from age 19 – daughter Cindy’s 2nd birthday. Everything is about to change in Linda’s life (click to enlarge)

Dear Diary … Even though things were working out well, my spirit guide angels had a surprise in store for me. Out of the blue, I had an amazing realization that my life was heading in a new direction. I refer to age 19 as the best year of my life specifically because of this crystal-clear clarity sent to me by my Spirit Guides and Angels.

It was an instant realization that I had to find my own way, without Alex. They made it clear that we had no long-term future together, but I didn’t see why at that time. My Spirit Guides and Angels were now directing me to focus on my future, and it was my time to go into action. So, from then on there was no doubt in my mind that I had to make my own way.

I never said anything to Alex or anyone else. He hadn’t done anything wrong, but I was being guided in a whole new direction. I knew what it felt like to actively live in two worlds at the same time; I had mastered that early on and never hesitated to take action knowing that their guidance always had a shelf life. That meant I had to start now or this particular opportunity would dissipate. But since this was an inner direction, once again, I just kept it to myself.

Age 19 is a crossroads for everyone. Not missing the opportunity that is presented to you at this magical age will be critical to your entire life. Whatever that is, do not question it no matter how unlikely it appears to be, go for it!

GUIDED Press FaviconLEARNING from my Spirit Guides: Even with the lifelong training I received from my guides, this news was sad for me. However, I knew I was at a major crossroads in my life and once again, I was being guided. Your guides don’t think about how you may react to the timely truth they convey; their only concern is you and your well-being. That’s their job.


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Diary Entry - Career success ... starts at 19 years old
Linda - now unrestrained, following her passions - Guided, by Linda Deir

Linda – now unrestrained and following her passions. Her dream of seeing her home designs come to life became a reality in spite of having no training, or formal education, or financial backing to do it. She just followed her guidance. (click photo to enlarge)

Dear Diary … I was guided to draw home designs on napkins and wonder what they would look like if they were built. I really didn’t want to be a builder, I just wanted to see my home designs come to life.

After coming up with a number of napkin designs, I wondered if they would be desirable to others. I had such a strong urge to do this (this is what guidance feels like) that I never questioned my ability to design and build these homes that I saw so clearly in my mind. Like the building blocks in kindergarten, this was a driving passion. I was familiar with the feeling of their guidance. They were looking out for me and I never questioned the direction they were pointing me in. It’s always your choice to act upon their guidance, or not.

I came up with a design I particularly liked and wanted to build. I bought my first building lot and under the apprenticeship with the architect I knew, my first custom home became a reality. The rest is history as my home design and home building companies flourished. I was unstoppable, but not totally naive. Above and beyond anyone’s judgments of me, I always followed my guidance, my inner compass. I mastered it in childhood. It’s the same compass everyone else has but they are less skilled at detecting it and acting on it.

GUIDED Press FaviconLEARNING from my Spirit Guides: Once you develop a line of communication with your guides, you are set for life. It’s not always easy, but there’s no struggling when you walk through this life with your guides. All you have to do is listen and step into it. No matter who lets you down, they never will.


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