Making the Connection to your Spirit Guides and Angels

Guided Journey

Last week I introduced the “Guided Journal Writing System, a three-part system.” Today, we will be working with My Guided Journey, the second part of the system. Each week we will take you on your own “guided journey,” connecting you to your Spirit Family, those who know you best and who are always sending you guidance.

Today the Guides and I will be talking about how your connection to them is vital to your mental well-being … 

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This “Guided Journal Writing System” is a mix of Spirituality and Unexpected Psychology.

Since Mental Health affects Spiritual Health, here are some recent facts about a study done on mental health conducted by the National Institute of Health, a major study published in 2017:
• 1 out of every 5 people have been diagnosed with a mental illness condition.
• Americans age 18-25 have the highest incidence of mental illness (26%)
• Americans age 26-49 are the second-highest group of those diagnosed with mental illness (22%).
• Only 14% of people over age 50 are diagnosed with mental conditions. However, this group seeks help for their condition more than any other age group.

Mental illness causes depression, anxiety, and addictions. Drug addictions are now at epidemic proportions.

Just like you didn’t come into this life with fears, doubts, beliefs, biases, negative emotions, anger, or hate – you did not come into this life mentally ill either. It’s only by going back into your past to see where it started that you can isolate it, examine it, and realize the truth about what happened and how it has affected your life. Only then can you overcome it and move forward fully functioning and connected – connected to your source connected Guides.

Today we will focus on Part two of the “Guided Journal Writing System,” My Guided Journey, chapter one on FEAR. Below are two people who asked their questions about this. Watch the Video (above) to see how their Spirit Guides and Angels answered them.

Email Question, May 8, 2019

“Linda… I’m a 42-year old, single mom with 2 teenage kids. After 17 years of marriage, my husband left me for a younger woman – something I’ve never gotten over. I’m not desperate, as I have a job with a good salary and benefits, and I’m presently able to take care of myself and my kids.

The problem is that I’m afraid of the future and what could happen as my kids and I get older. Am I destined to be alone? What if I never find another loving partner? What health demands will I be challenged with? Will I still be able to work? Plus, although my job is steady, I don’t like it. I feel like I should be getting promoted but keep getting passed over. What’s wrong with me? Is this what a “normal” life looks like and should I be happy with it? Why am I so angry with myself and others?” Thank you, Sandy

Email Question, May 8, 2019

“Linda, My problem is risk-taking. I know I’ll never “get ahead” unless I do take a risk, but I’m afraid. When is the time to take the risk? Do I have enough experience? Shouldn’t I be older and more “settled” before I decide to jump into something that I could fail at? Why am I so confused?”… Jeremy

Why is this important right now in your life? It’s because FEAR limits you and prevents you from living the life you intended before you got here. It freezes you up, keeping you stuck in the past – doubting yourself, taking you out of the present moment unable to respond to life. When the doubt takes over it moves into mental illness as fear dominates you.

Fear can only happen when you relinquish your personal power causing you to forget who you are.

These are the first things my Spirit Guides showed me about FEAR as described in Chapter One of GUIDED, part one of the “Guided Journal Writing System.” 

• Starting with my first memory, a dream I had for the first 35 years of my life, my Spirit Guides showed me my purpose, people’s intentions, along with their reactions to a world to come.
They foretold how most people will become fearful when things start to speed up and change.
They said, “The biggest tragedy of our times is that most people will die having lived fear-based lives.”
They showed me that people made this life hard when it wasn’t supposed to be that way.
• I remembered how I could do anything once I got here, but I experienced how this scared everyone else.
They showed me that my experiences in this life would be very different from those of other people – sometimes the exact opposite.
They helped me see how people didn’t believe in themselves and were afraid to experience new things.
They said I would help the ones who could be reached to get out of fear, so they could live the life they intended before they got here.
• From all this awareness the most important thing I learned was not to take things personally. The by-product of this is that I trusted myself. As long as I didn’t concern myself with what others may say or do, I would be able to see people and things for who and what they were without judgment. I was accepting “what is” just like my Spirit Guides. I was unclouded and becoming more like them. ~ Linda Deir

This is the meditation video created specifically for My Guided Journey … Guided Meditation – Sitting with your Guides, by Linda Deir