Moving into the 4th Density
  • The takeaway from this week’s episode is … moving into the 4th density reality is a choice but not an option.
  • Here’s what this will do for you … you will understand that moving into the 4th density reality is based on oneness with everything and everyone.
  • Here’s what I want you to do with it … rather than resisting the inevitable shift into the 4th density reality, start the letting go process by downsizing your life now.


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Moving into the 4th density reality will make you feel like you’re being pushed through a doorway.

Faced with many uncertainties and anxiety about the future, people are struggling for it all to make sense. The chaos in the world is a breakdown of the old structures and systems. Observing this is your wake-up call and not to be feared.

People are not sure what or who to believe. There is much confusion, which is okay because you are limited by your 3rd density consciousness.

You do not have full access yet to the next level of understanding. Even after you do things like reading books, going to seminars, and studying things online, you still play out 3rd-density patterns like staying focused on yourself and your sense of lack. You also think that the world and what it currently contains is totally real and all there is.

So, why are you here? We would say that it’s to learn. Now you may ask, “What am I here to learn?”

The process of moving into the 4th density is learning to accept yourself while serving others.

You only graduate from this school when you see others as yourself. However, when you are bothered, angry, or upset, you are unconsciously judging and seeing reflections of your own imperfections. Acceptance without judgment is the integration of the spirituality you are seeking.

You must learn to forgive yourself before you can stop judging others. This is part of the process of accepting yourself. The more you stop judging and start accepting, the less you experience things like jealousy, fear, anger, and resentment. The more goodness you see in others, the more value you will see in yourself.


  • Let go of the pain and struggle associated with holding onto 3rd dimension feelings of lack.
  • We have said that moving to the next dimensional reality will require people to break their attachment to material things. Willingly let go before they are pulled away from you.
  • You must stop all judgments of others and look at the things you’ve judged people for in the past and maybe still do. Write them down and then look at yourself in the mirror to see what areas of your personality, thinking, and life you referenced when projecting all of this onto others.

HOW IT WORKS: People are feeling uncertainty in their lives more than ever before. Moving from the 3rd density reality into the 4th can even feel like vertigo at times. Bad decisions are all coming from self-doubt, so be extra careful about reacting to anything that is a 3rd density habit. If you are stressed out, start letting go of some of the stuff that keeps you anchored in the old 3-D world. Sell or donate it. Don’t jump into get-rich-quick schemes or investments. This is a time to be extra-conservative while scaling down the stuff in your life. These changes and shifts are like nothing you have ever experienced before. Moving into the 4th density reality is stepping into the lightness of oneness and out of the heaviness of separation and fear. Stepping into the 4th level density will change you forever. ~ Linda Deir