My Guided Journey, by Linda Deir

My Guided Journey…companion “journal” to: GUIDED, by Linda Deir

My Guided Journey is a companion “journal” to my best-selling autobiography, GUIDED – Winner of the 2017 Body, Mind, and Spirit Int’l Book Award.

This “journal” takes you on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. As a result of a challenging childhood, I discovered this system by living it. In my flagship book, GUIDED, I take you on my “Guided Journey,” so you can see for yourself what’s possible when you take these steps.  Linda Deir, author, medium, transition coach, trainer


this JOURNAL will change your life!


MY GUIDED JOURNEY is a “journal” to restore your life – so you can live the life you intended before you got here…

1.   Fear will no longer be running/ruining your life.
2.   Ask questions and get answers.
3.   Make a solid connection to your Guidance.
4.   Discover who you really are.
5.   Your life will finally make sense.
6.   You will be able to trust yourself.
7.   Live in the moment with ease.
8.   Doubts will be gone.
9.   You will have a passion for living.
10. You will become a respected source of guidance for others.

~ Best of all, you will like who you are!


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