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My Guided Journey, Part Two, Chapter 1-18


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MP3 of all 18 Chapters without the interviews

Full-length MP3s for each Chapter: – 14:02 hours

  1. Fear  (56:07 mins)
  2. Ask  (37:12 mins)
  3. Friends  (45:46 mins)
  4. Our Friendship Grows  (55:43 mins)
  5. We Become Best Friends  (37:21 mins)
  6. We Did Everything Together  (54:50 mins)
  7. “We” Always Showed You New Things  (44:06 mins)
  8. You Became Cautious  (34:38 mins)
  9. Crossroads  (54:57 mins)
  10. Rebellion  (50:44 mins)
  11. Separation  (43:29 mins)
  12. Compromise  (49:21 mins)
  13. The Fear Returns  (47:15 mins)
  14. The Search Begins  (36:35 mins)
  15. Questioning Everything  (47:19 mins)
  16. Time Alone  (43.15 mins)
  17. “We” Have Been Waiting For You To Be Ready  (51:53 mins)
  18. You Are Not Alone  (51:10 mins)

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1- My Guided Journey

Bonus videos:

2-Taking the Journey


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