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Guided Journey

Linda Deir Training ... 1-on-1

You Don’t Need a Guru, you need a Guide
Linda … the guide for the Guides

You can’t see it when you’re in it. Using “My Guided Journey©” for your journal writings, Linda exposes the truth about what is really going on in your life and the guidance you’ve been missing – until now!

These training courses are derived from her proprietary 3-part system, namely the “Guided Journal Writing System.” Starting with her true story, GUIDED, Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches©, came the companion journals; My Guided Journey©, and My Journal Writing© … three books that flow into the other, providing mastery over your life.

About Linda Deir Training

“Training Session” … Using your journal entry(s) that you bring to the training, together, you and Linda will identify and breakdown what your journal writing is telling you.

“Consciousness Training” … First, Linda brings you into conscious awareness by explaining what your daily journal entries are showing you about your life. Part 3 of My Guided Journey© is My Journal Writing©, the roadmap exposing where you have been hung up.

“Course Correction Training” … This next level of training involves restoring your life. Now that you realize where you have been hung up from your daily journal entries in part 3 of My Guided Journey© – the healing can begin in Part 2 My Guided Journey, of self-discovery and personal transformation©, Linda helps you break through the blocks that have limited your life.

Be prepared to take on anything that life throws at you … stay on the path with Linda’s ongoing support through her self-directed counseling service, the “Guided Journey,” and her monthly “Guided Journey Webinars.”

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