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Linda Deir Training

You Don't Need a Guru, you need a Guide

Linda Deir Training

Linda … the guide for the Guides

You can't see it when you're in it. This is why you need a Guide. Using My Journal Writing and My Guided Journey, Linda guides you through your journal writings exposing the truth about what is really going on in your life and the guidance you've been missing.

These training courses are derived from a 3-part system, namely my proprietary “Guided Journal Writing System.” Starting with my true story, Guided, came the companion journals; My Guided Journey, and My Journal Writing … three books that flow into the other, providing mastery over your life.

Linda Deir Training is devived from her proprietary Guided Journal Writing System, available nowhere else.


About Linda Deir TrainingGuided Journal Writing System

  • “Consciousness Training” … First, Linda brings you into conscious awareness by explaining what your daily journal entries are showing you about your life. My Journal Writing is the roadmap exposing where you have been hung up.
  • “Course Correction Training” … This next level of training involves restoring your life. Now that you realize where you have been hung up from your daily journal entries in My Journal Writing – the healing can begin. Using My Guided Journey of self-discovery and personal transformation, Linda helps you break through the blocks that have limited your life.
  • “Training with Linda – Live Events” … This training follows the same curriculum as Linda Deir's “Consciousness Training” (above). First, you receive the complimentary two-part journal entry pages to write in as you follow along by watching the three prerecorded videos of the topic you selected. Once you finish writing and come back to sign up for that topic, this “one-on-one training with Linda” puts it all together for you so you can implement it.

I look forward to our time together on your journey to mastery over your life. ~ Linda

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