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Linda Deir Transition Coach

Conversations with your Spirit Guides and Angels

Definition of “Definition of “Transition” … the process, or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. Having conversations with your Guides will transition you to a higher state of consciousness requiring you make this shift.

I am a transitional life coach. In my flagship book, GUIDED, my life was used as the template for how I made many transitions at just the right time through the guidance I received from my Spirit Guides, Angels, and others. Using this proven process in your coaching session, you will be able to recognize when you are communicating with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and others providing timely guidance from those who know you best. It will be your opportunity to experience the power of their guidance to solve problems, while discovering who you are.

About Linda Deir Transition Coach

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A free download copy of My Guided Journey of self-discovery and personal transformation©.
A free high-definition video, or for In person sessions a free audio recording, sent to your email address.

This coaching session is focused on an interactive 2-way communication with your own Spirit Guide Angels, and others. To do this, I use the talking board (a product of my parent company, Channeled Readings, LLC) to bridge this communication to your Guides. This is a conscious channeling process.

Just like I have experienced throughout my life, in your coaching session you will…
be having a “conversation” with your Spirit Guides, Angels and others.
From this, you will discover for yourself that your Guides, are indeed the best friends and advisors you will ever know. You will wonder how you ever got by without them!

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