POINT of CONTACT to your Spirit Guide Angels - you are never alone

POINT of CONTACT to your Spirit Guides and Angels

Point of Contact products by Linda Deir

Using these “Point of Contact” products, you can begin to align your energy with your Spirit Guides and Angels. Get quiet, ask for “their” help, breathe in their energy, and just let it work.

These “Point of Contact” tools are reminders that you are never alone and always being guided.

The photograph is Linda’s Spirit Guide Angel. She captured this photograph with her 35 mm Nikon camera in 1994.

Two weeks later these same guides came to Linda in a dream telling her, “We allowed you to take our photograph because you are going to write a book about your relationship with us since you were a little girl.” Then they said, “We appeared so the world could believe.” This photograph became the front cover of Linda’s flagship book, GUIDED, by Linda Deir 20 years later.

You can use the power of these Spirit Guide Angels to ask for guidance anytime you need it.

Make the Connection … Your Spirit Guide Angels are always available to you. With their support and guidance, you can accomplish anything!

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