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Guided Journey

GUIDED: hand-signed hardcover by Linda Deir


GUIDED Hand-signed hardcover 1st edition by the author, Linda Deir

  • GUIDED is the winner of the Int’l, Body/Mind/Spirit book award.
  • Price includes matching bookmark
  • Shipping in the U.S. only. Price Includes Tax & Shipping

GUIDED: Hand-signed by Linda Deir ... includes matching bookmar

You can also purchase Guided in audiobook, Kindle, paperback, or the unsigned hardcover version on AMAZON Amazon  

Hardcover 1st edition of GUIDED hand-signed by the author, Linda Deir

Price includes a Signed hardcover 1st edition of GUIDED, a matching bookmark, and free shipping inside the United States.

Each book is hand-signed on the first inside page by the author with the author's name ie: Linda Deir. There will be no other writing in your hand-signed book. Watch the 3:01-minute video below to see exactly what you will receive.

Ships inside the U.S.A. only. Price includes 1st class USPS Shipping & Tax. Your Book and Bookmark will be mailed to the same address that you provide on your Checkout Billing Details (this information will be displayed at the bottom of your email with the Subject Line: with your name, date (ending with) Your order is complete.

Life-changing self-help author, Linda Deir

Includes Matching Bookmark ... (a $4.95 value):

1st Edition Spirit Guide Angel bookmark with a hand-signed autograph by the author!

Front-Bookmark: Guided, by Linda Deir

Back-Bookmark: Guided, by Linda Deir

Seeing Is Believing

FRONT SIDE: This is a 'one of a kind' copyright photograph of the Spirit Guide Angel who appeared right in front of Linda in 1994 when she had a camera in hand. This Spirit Guide Angel told Linda that they materialized so "the World Could Believe!"



BACKSIDE: On the backside, is a message directly from Linda's Spirit Guide Angels. This is a reminder of the steps you must take to stay connected with your own Spirit Guide Angels, so you can benefit from their timely guidance.


The "unsigned" hardcover 1st edition of GUIDED is available on Amazon




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